10 Steps to Build a Content Marketing Project Tracking Calendar

Designed for creative, SEO, PR, and marketing agencies, Gryffin’s software platform populates your client project calendar with every deadline, meeting and update so your team always stays on target and on task.

Here are 10 ways that Gryffin’s calendar feature can help your agency manage the ‘big picture’ of every client project.

Create an Automated Workflow

Every client, campaign and project can involve different processes and working with different teammates.  Creating customized workflows allows you to work different for each project type, client or campaign.

Once you’ve created your workflow, you can begin assigning tasks. When a task is assigned, you can view all of them in your calendar. This automated workflow calendar function allows your team members to stay on top of assignments, meet deadlines and, most importantly, help anticipate next steps.

Track Tasks and Milestones

Assigned tasks immediately populate in the calendar function, and this allows your agency to track each task and project milestone. When you open the calendar, you will be able to view upcoming deadlines and the status for each individual assignment. Your calendar allows you to be alert for the need to re-assign a task or even when to offer a nudge or friendly reminder about a pending due date.

Use Chat to Brainstorm and Collaborate

Sometimes an assignment can require collaboration between editors and writers or other creative team members. For agencies that allow for a ‘remote’ workplace, the chat function creates instant access so the entire team can communicate and discuss any updates, changes or concerns during the project timeline. Your calendar will note any messages or alerts for open tasks and assignments.

Schedule Meetings

Need to schedule a meeting with the client or hold an internal discussion about a project? Use the calendar to set-up Skype chats or face-to-face meetings. You also can set reminders so you never miss a teleconference or team meeting.Anticipate Deadlines

Your calendar immediately populates with every task and deadline. This allows you to visualize all aspects of a project so that you can track any immediate deadlines; you also can send reminders to the team to assure that you meet those deadlines. The calendar provides the big picture so every task becomes part of the end goal.

Audit Activity

If you’re missing deadlines, your calendar will show it—in red! The calendar function simplifies activity audits and lets you stay on top of all tasks. See which team members are meeting their goals, and who is falling behind. Use your calendar as an outline to visualize the implementation of every stage of your campaign.

Share Results

While your calendar allows you to track individual tasks, you also can track project results. If an article has received publicity of an infographic has been posted to a major media outlet, the results will be noted for the task and populated in your calendar. Use the updates to share positive results with your clients and show them the success of your campaign.

Schedule Invoices

Freelancers and team members also can submit their invoices through Gryffin’s platform; once these invoices have been received, they will pop up on your calendar as a new task. This ensures that you will always know when an invoice has been received and when your accounting department has scheduled the invoice for payment.

Upload Files

Need to share an editorial calendar, a budget outline or content guidelines? Upload the document to the system so team members can have instant access. Once the file is added, your team will be notified and their calendar will reflect the addition.

Gryffin’s project tracking calendar provides the primary resource for teams to visualize every step of a client project. Create a template, track tasks, set deadlines, schedule invoices and share results using one simple platform that ties every step together seamlessly on one simple calendar.