Gryffin was created as an in-house solution to power a rapidly expanding digital marketing agency. Led by globally recognized speaker, entrepreneur, and digital marketing veteran Marcela De Vivo, every single feature was custom-built for digital marketing teams.

The idea of building Gryffin started after many years of struggling to use existing tools to match the needs of a growing digital marketing agency. There are a lot of SEO tools out there, but no tools to help manage the workflows and processes of an agency. Too many times, we watched campaigns fall behind schedule and over budget, simply because there wasn’t a systematic way to track processes, tasks, budgets, and projects.

We know first-hand that every team works differently, so we created a system that allows teams to customize templates and workflows to match their existing processes. As Gryffin evolved, we consistently reduced costs and increased profits.

While speaking at industry events, De Vivo shared her platform with other marketers and was repeatedly asked by others in the industry to make it public so they could also use the system. And so Gryffin was born as a SAAS software available to all marketers.

Founding Team

Marcela De Vivo


A leading name in online marketing since 1999, Marcela De Vivo is an expert on digital marketing strategies, outreach and link building, SEO, and content marketing. Her expertise has led her to travel the world as a speaker, covering such topics as SEO, data-driven marketing strategies, and workflow automation and optimization. Now, all of her knowledge has been combined into one comprehensive, passion-driven product: Gryffin.

“I dream in workflows”

Carolina Barrios, PhD


A scholar for more than 15 years, Carolina is detail oriented like engineers normally are without ever losing sight of the big picture. She is a great listener and she is the perfect definition of Max Gladwell’s connector type of person. Although her approach to marketing was more academic, she learned quickly what digital marketing is all about. She has experience with programming and is Gryffin No. 1 Fan. Her PhD in decision making will come in handy when big steps need to be taken.

Business Development, Fundraising, and Risk Assessment

“I move people and make connections”

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