The Benefits of Agency Management Software

Stop shuffling and ruffling through all those papers, files, and emails during a client or team meeting! 

Agency management software keeps projects, team communications, and SEO keywords and rankings organized in one location; for marketing agencies and teams, this means that you can find what you need without a data hunt. Is it hidden on the hard drive, the cloud, in an email account?

Agency management software can file every communication, pertinent email, report, video, or graphic illustration under the appropriate associated task or client.

The Benefits of Agency Management Software

Why does YOUR agency or marketing team need agency management software like Gryffin? 

  • See it all! Your team can view all the projects in one place.
  • Manage everything! Assign your projects and tasks, schedule edits, and ensure the workflow is never interrupted.
  • Programmer not required! Custom workflows are code-free, and, yes, anybody can do it.
  • Get clients noticed! Integrated with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and SEMrush, Gryffin lets agencies/teams optimize content easily.
  • A simple editorial calendar features drag and drop functions! Create, track, and measure content strategies.
  • Reach out to bloggers and influencers! The system lets you track everything from initial correspondence to end publication. Use multiple personas and templates and check out the metrics of possible partners.
  • Check digital stats! Need to know rankings or identify if traffic is up (or down)? It’s right there in the system!
  • Collaborate with clients and the team. But keep data or conversations visible to only those who need it.
  • Create reports! Pull all the data into quick reports to update clients or your own internal teams.
  • Easy invoicing! Freelancers or hourly employees can invoice within the system. Every task they complete funnels into a comprehensive invoice.
  • Track time. No one’s fudging their hours! The tool lets you track hours for every employee and every project.
  • Connect everything! Gryffin connects to Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail, SEMRush, and other platforms, too!

See Everything!

Gryffin’s Dashboard serves as every user’s unique home page. Via the Dashboard, team members will see a list of all the tasks assigned to them; each task is sorted by due date, and there is no question when a project must be completed.

The Benefits of Agency Management Software

Task data also is shown in a graph, and users can gain a better understanding of their progress or project history. The graph notes any past overdue assignments throughout the month. The number of tasks on each user’s to-do list also is noted on the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is easy to set up with numerous built-in templates. Select from customized widgets for different assignments like time-tracking, tasks, KPIs, or expenses.  Create separate dashboards for each team or client! For tasks, the dashboard will show data like reaction, cycle, and lead time. Don’t like the built-in templates? Create your own and customize templates that work for your needs and your team!

Manage Everything!

Tracking all those files, charts, emails, and project sites can be a mess. When everything is separated and created in different programs, the hunt can be stressful when teams have to track down data and show results to clients.

Manage everything in one place. When you create a task, you can associate emails, messages, SEO data, graphics, and video to the task. Attach everything you need and reference all that information in one place. Team members also can send messages via on-page conversations.

As the workflow for each task is completed, team members simply have to checkmark the task and it moves to the next stage. This ensures that workflow is never interrupted and each project moves throughout the process seamlessly.

Programmer Not Required!

With the right agency management software, you don’t need a computer programmer to nail down the details. Workflows should be automated, and as tasks are completed, they need to move to the next stage without issue. Automated workflows also ensure that clients are kept up-to-date on progress. Clients can see the status of each project and campaign, so they always know the latest updates.

The setup is so simple that even new employees can seamlessly transition into the system. This reduces training costs and keeps time focused on the work…not on software issues and extensive tutorials.

The Benefits of Agency Management Software

Save time, save money, and choose an agency management software program that is already programmed to work for you and with you!

Get Clients Noticed!

Optimize that content! Gryffin integrates with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and SEMrush, and this allows your team to understand the performance of content, including the performance of individual pages and specific keywords on each page or article.

Once you understand what pages need to be reworked, make those changes, and create an Experiment. This allows your team to decide if those changes helped those rankings…or not.

The Benefits of Agency Management Software

Create Customized Editorial Calendars

A drag-and-drop editorial calendar function isn’t just simple, it’s necessary. When creating new tasks for content, sometimes keywords need to be amended to improve rankings. No big deal! Just drag the new keywords into the editorial calendar to make the change.

Editorial calendars can be customized to also include unique personas, industry themes, buying stages, and, of course, those relevant keywords. Change up the editorial calendars for each client or team. The editorial calendar also lets the team measure results by integrating with Google Analytics API. Refine keyword use by using SEMRush and Google Search Console, which are integrated into Gryffin.

Once content strategies and tasks are set up and scheduled in the editorial calendar, you can track the metrics of each page and keyword.  

The Benefits of Agency Management Software

Reach Out to Bloggers & Influencers

Agencies need to track the success of their outreach efforts. Gryffin can keep a list of all bloggers and influencers and track all communications related to a post or campaign. That means that your agency will never miss an opportunity because an email from a site, blogger, or influencer was lost in someone’s email folders.

Agencies also can use separate personas and templates for each outreach task, and Gryffin can show the metrics for each site your agency is targeting. You will never again pursue a site that doesn’t advance those rankings!

Check Those Digital Stats!

Not sure what pages are performing well for your clients and what pages are tanking in the rankings? Never guess again! Gryffin makes sure you’re never in the digital dark about stats. For every page, the agency can review traffic, impressions, CTR, positions, conversions, average session duration, and other metrics.

Audit those keywords, too! You can include new keywords and track them within Gryffin. See how they perform over time and determine if additional changes should be made. If a keyword is underperforming, drag in a new keyword and create an experiment to monitor the progress of the change.

Google’s 16-month data limit for Google Search Console also can be overridden. Yes, you can save data beyond the 16-month limitations. Store years of data on Gryffin and never lose that information! While Gryffin can’t access data from years ago, it lets you begin saving data now…and for years to come!


Clients can use the Client Interface to stay up-to-date on all projects and campaigns. However, you control what they see. Invite them into the system, and let them review all the status updates on projects. You can also allow clients to approve tasks and campaigns within the system. This allows for a completely transparent and streamlined workflow. Permissions offer incredible flexibility so you can show your clients everything…or only what they need to see.

Create Reports

Need to send official updates to the client? No problem! Create customized reports based on individual campaigns, or funnel all client data into one report for a comprehensive review. Reports can be generated quickly with customizable columns to include everything from rankings to budgets. All reports created in the system can be sent to the client via Gryffin.

Create Invoices

Your team can create workflow stages that include invoicing, and hourly employees and freelancers can create and submit invoices through the system. When a user completes a task and a manager approves the task, the system then prompts the user to invoice for the project. That invoiced project is sent to a master invoice that includes all the completed tasks and their payment amounts. The user can submit a master invoice for payment.

Invoicing through the system ensures that all freelancers and employee invoices are viewable in one place. This simplifies the payment process and lowers the risk of invoices getting stuck in an email inbox!

Track Time

For hourly employees, make sure they stay on the clock by integrating the clock into the system! Gryffin lets employees set their clock to ensure that all hours are counted, billed, and budgeted. This helps managers understand worker habits and predict budget needs for future campaigns and projects. Time tracking functions can be carried over into timesheets, which can be sent to clients or integrated into project reports.

The Benefits of Agency Management Software

Connect Everything

Keep all programs together in one place. Gryffin can link to Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail, SEMRush, Slack, and other platforms, too! Add those programs to your Dashboard for convenient access related to projects, campaigns, budgets, and invoicing.

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Stop fumbling with multiple programs, platforms, and piles of paper. Keep everything together and everyone on the same page to ensure that clients and your team know all the details, data, rankings, and costs of every project. Try out Gryffin for free today and see how the software can benefit your agency and simplify your workflow!