How Agencies can Create Transparency with Clients

When speaking with prospective clients, many agencies hear them say that they’ve worked with other agencies and never knew what those agencies did for them. This is one of the top reasons why clients cancel their agency contracts.

As an agency, creating transparency is not just difficult but it’s extremely time-consuming. Not only is it important to let the clients see what you’re working on, but it’s very powerful when they’re involved in the approval process.

Managing Multiple Client Approvals

If you’re an agency, you may have multiple clients, and each client wants to be involved at different stages of the approval process.

This can get overwhelming when you have dozens of clients and hundreds of assets to produce. As the number of projects and deliverables increases, it’s very easy for things to fall apart.

How to Handle Client Accountability with Gryffin

At Gryffin after 20 years in the industry, we built a system so that clients and managers are part of the approval process.

They can be invited into the software and provide approval to specific projects or campaigns
Gryffin has two unique features that make the approval process a breeze: Workspace Visibility and Custom Workflows.

Workspace Visibility

Gryffin offers a very unique combination between visibility, controls, and permissions. When you invite a client, you can assign them to a team. You can give very granular controls to members of this team controlling what workspaces, projects, and fields they see.

Maybe you just want them to see a few details of a project, such as a project deadline, project description, and a link to the file or document that contains the data. Clients and see tasks that you leave for them or comments in the chat window. However, they don’t necessarily see chats you’ve had between team members or tasks you left for external freelancers. 

You can be extremely granular so they can just see specific fields, approve or reject a project, or leave the feedback needed to complete the project.

Custom Workflows

When you onboard a client, or a project, or start a campaign, you create your workflows to reflect when client approvals are going to be needed. 

Let’s say that you have five clients for whom you’re producing blog pieces. Then one of those clients wants to review at the very end when the article is ready to be posted. And one of those clients wants to review the article before the images and internal links are added.

With Gryffin, you can customize the workflow for each client, so they get a notification when tasks are ready for them to review. If they approve, the workflow moves forward, moving the project to the next stage and generating the next task.

You can have a different workflow for each and every one of the clients, campaigns, teams and project types. 

Powerful Transparency

This combination of visibility permissions and customizable workflows gives you complete control and granularity. 

For managers and team members alike, it creates a lot of mental space because now you don’t need to be worrying about where you are with each client, project, or stage. You don’t have to pay additional personnel to track this. You don’t have to be nagging your employees or team members about where they are with everything, because you can see it at any time.

Most importantly, your clients are going to be happy to be included in the process. At any time, they can log into Gryffin and know the stage and status of all their projects. No need to chase or wonder how things are coming along.

It will reduce your overhead costs, and most importantly, lead to an increase in revenue because you’re going to be turning all your projects in on time. 

Your clients are going to be happy. They’re going to renew and stay with you longer. And you will have a lot more time to do what you do best.

Why not check Gryffin out and see how it changes YOUR relationships with your clients?