Asana Alternatives for Marketing Project Management

Most marketing agencies will eventually try to use some form of project management tool. As tasks backup and projects become more complex, it isn’t really possible to track them manually. Ideally, a good project management software will not only help you to get things into a manageable system but will also help to make your business more productive and profitable.

The initial stage of researching for a project management solution will almost always reveal Asana, one of the most popular platforms in this space.  From initial impressions, Asana can come across as a clean drag and drop task management system. It seems like a simple and straightforward option.  However, there are many features it lacks that can make the reality of managing complex projects or campaigns very difficult and cumbersome.

Asana Review - The Good and The Bad

Asana Review – The Good and The Bad

Asana can work if you are a solopreneur, small team, or your project management needs are straightforward.   Where Asana falls apart is where you have medium to large teams, or teams managing complex and diverse workflows.  If your team offers multiple services, and each of these is subtly different based on the client’s needs and requirements, and team members get moved around and tasks reprioritized rapidly…Asana is not for you.

What’s good about Asana?

As a simple task management tool, Asana does have some nice features such as:

  • Attractive interface
  • Simple drag and drop system
  • Easy task setup
  • Task dashboard

These features are fine for simple workflows or businesses that only manage a few concurrent projects.  However, things get less easy to manage and organize as business needs expand and become more complicated.

What are Asana’s weaknesses?

The main weakness when using Asana is that everything is assigned on one level. Every project you create appears on your left navigation menu, and it’s not possible to easily organize multiple projects simultaneously. 

Sure, you can assign tasks and schedule them, but only as single tasks. The hierarchy is fairly “flat”.  There are projects, and tasks that exist within projects, and that’s it. Asana lacks an additional level to view, organize, and prioritize projects as much as tasks.

Why is Gryffin Better?

If you are running SEO campaigns, content marketing strategies or any other form of marketing, almost all projects and tasks will involve numerous stages with numerous people contributing to the different stages of a project.

Here is a simple example of a task for creating a “Blog Post”. Inside a project for a blog post, there are likely to be numerous steps and assignments to different staff, such as:

  • Research keywords
  • Assign to a writer to write content
  • Assign to the editor to edit
  • Find suitable photos/images
  • Submit to the client for article review
  • Upload to WordPress or other CMS
  • Create internal links in WordPress
  • Review SEO of the page and edit accordingly
  • Share on social channels

This is where Gryffin excels and Asana fails. Gyffin allows for multiple levels and automated tasks within any project. This provides a much tidier and easily manageable overview of your projects, and as tasks are completed, more tasks are created with dynamic due dates.   It allows for complex marketing plans to be developed, executed, and tracked.

Let’s be honest, nothing about website search engine optimization, creating AdWords campaigns, or content marketing is simple. Every element has numerous levels, some of which can be performed side-by-side for efficiency. With Gyffin, not only is that possible and easy to create, but it’s also automated.

Yup, you read that correctly, Gyffin not only allows you to create complex workflows with multiple levels, but it also allows you to automate numerous tasks, such as notification emails, task assignments, etc. Can you imagine how much time that saves?

On top of that, Gyffin’s multiple user role options provide each staff member with their own dashboard. So, managers see the entire process, while staff see exactly what they need to in order to complete their work. No clutter, no confusion, just simple workflow priority, and project management.

Top Features of Gryffin Cloud Project Management Software

Top Features of Gryffin Cloud Project Management Software

Gryffin is a cloud-based project management system designed by marketers for marketers. This is not just another task management tool, it is the swiss army knife of marketing management software. The key features are:

  • Cloud-based and formatted perfectly for use on all devices
  • Multi-layer projects and tasks (each can have numerous tasks and sub-tasks)
  • Templates for easy creation and duplication of projects
  • Tasks with dynamic due dates and priority
  • Recurring tasks and projects
  • Multiple integrations including Google Drive, Slack, chat and both email notifications and messaging from within the system
  • Everything in one place, including your files, chats, emails, calendar tasks, project milestones, invoices, expenses and more
  • Automated workflows, where the next steps and tasks are generated automatically to keep your project moving and on target to meet the deadline – increasing productivity
  • Scaleable plans that allow novices to start out affordably and enterprises to scale with the project management power they need
  • Easy file sharing in a secure environment, allowing staff to access what they need when they need it
  • Tracking and milestones allow managers to see progression without needing to closely watch every step
  • Client inclusion, engagement, and management – keeping everyone in the know
  • Built-in billing system to manage all expenses and incomes in one place

Is it worth your time to try Gryffin?

Absolutely. Seriously, what do you have to lose? If you sign up for the free trial, you will quickly see how much it helps to keep workflows on schedule and removes the need to micromanage. Templates are even provided in the system, but you can also create your own in minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!