What are the Best Asana Alternatives for Project Management?

A lot of people use Asana as their project management software and, unfortunately for these people, they’re missing out- big time. Asana is a fairly generic system that is based on creating static projects that are essentially lists of tasks.

However, Asana is lacking many features that can be used by teams to enhance productivity.  From not including any ability to track expenses to not allowing any dynamic creation of projects, it’s essentially nothing but a glorified task list.

Move Beyond Projects and Tasks

When you use Asana, you’re basically stuck with only one way to work. You can create a project, with tasks assigned to each project.  Each project appears on your menu, making it fairly limited as sometimes you are dealing with dozens of projects simultaneously. Essentially, each project is a group of tasks.

What’s wrong with that, you might ask? In marketing, a single project may require dozens of tasks, each dependent on previous tasks being completed.  Employees come and go, and clients can change their project specifications. How do you know the status of every project, at a glance? Every blog post, infographic, video, and marketing brochure can have dozens of tasks and dependencies.  If each one of these assets has its own project, tracking all of these from your menu can be very daunting.

However, once you experience the freedom of Gryffin, you’ll realize there’s a newer, better way to work- a way that works for you and with you.

With Gryffin, you can create unlimited projects, all belonging to a workspace.  Your workspaces can be specific to a project type, or a client – whatever is better for your team.  You can even turn tasks into projects of their own with their own unique spaces for sharing files, connecting workers, viewing communication, and so much more.

When each task is its own unique project, it’s so much easier to track deadlines and stay on top of your team’s workload. You can see a specific project’s milestones, activity feed, pending and completed tasks, expenses, and costs.  Gryffin offers a wide range of reporting features to ensure that each task is moving along as it should and to help you work toward your big-picture goals. From monitoring specific users to tracking the progress of a project, to auditing a client’s entire campaign – all are visible within Gryffin’s hierarchy.

Design Custom Workflows

Design Custom Workflows

Workflows aren’t really a “thing” with Asana, and certainly not custom workflows. With Asana, you really just create a project, fill it up with tasks, and then cross your fingers and hope that all of the due dates and tasks are being updated as dependencies are turned in.

Is that really how you want to run your business?

Gryffin’s strength is the ability to create custom workflows so tasks are only created as the project moves through the stages required to reach completion.  You can customize templates and workflows to fit your team’s existing processes and don’t worry- it’s super easy!

Just use our drag and drop workflow and template builders to make our project management system work for you and to ensure that every step of every process gets completed and can be fully tracked so that nothing falls through the cracks.

A good project management systems allows you to generate reports and always know what’s going on

Generate Reports

We mentioned earlier how we make it easy to track each project you create in Gryffin. You can generate full work reports that allow you to instantly see any and every detail related to a project, expense, user, client, or campaign.

Our robust reporting capabilities allow you to run and save reports so you can quickly audit the status of your team’s projects.

Additionally, you can change how you view your workspaces by switching between workspace views:

  • Table View: Filter projects by status, title, the person assigned, due dates, and more.
  • Calendar View: See what’s due when, keep track of deadlines, and create milestones and monitor your progress.
  • Feed View: See all activity that takes place within a workspace to monitor all changes being made by your team.
  • Chat View: View all conversations related to your workspace.

If you find a view you like, we enable you to save your preferred table view for quick and easy loading later on. Just try doing that with Asana- you won’t get far; you’ll just get frustrated!

Sick of missing messages You need a system with real-time notifications

Get Notifications in Real-Time

Another common complaint we hear about Asana is that it only sends out notifications via email. So, if you assign a task to someone, and they don’t check their email for a while or if it goes into a spam folder, they might not start the task right away, or they might not even know it exists. The same goes for updates and other changes. Talk about frustrating!

Thankfully, Gryffin notifies users of new tasks, projects, updates, and more both via email and in the system itself. Plus, it allows for easy, instant communications, in real-time, between users.

And, speaking of emails, we offer a unique, integrated inbox with lots of great features you won’t find on Asana or anywhere else. These include:

  • Assign emails to a project so that all communication between clients, vendors, and everyone else on the project is visible. Everyone can read every email and access replies and updates, leading to less wasted time and more productivity.  That endless, “Did you reply to that client’s email” question will be a thing of the past, when you can simply check the projects yourself, all communications between you team members and clients.
  • Create projects directly from an email with a simple click!
  • Choose to work directly from Gmail or in Gryffin. It’s up to you! By installing the Gmail extension, you can upload your emails from Gmail to Gryffin.

Give Gryffin a Go

Tired of the limitations that come with using Asana? Or, maybe you’re still on your quest for the right project management system.

Whatever the case may be, give us a try! We’re so confident you’ll love Gryffin that we offer a 14-day free trial. That way, you can see how it works and lose nothing in the process.

Don’t be surprised, though, if you gain a thing or two- like increased effectiveness and efficiency, improved communication and understanding, and a sense of wonder at how you ever managed your business before.