How to Find the Best Project Management Tools for Your Company

Simplifying internal processes for workflow can help your team stay on target, meet crucial deadlines, and, most importantly, ensure client satisfaction and retention. If you’re on the hunt for new software to simplify your team’s workflow and tasks, you have to find a system that offers the best project management tools your team needs.

There are a TON of software options out there, including Asana, Trello and Paymo. However, all of these systems have unique offerings, and some are more streamlined in scope. Here’s how to find the best project management tools for your company.

1.   Audit your workflow processes

Not sure what tools you need to keep everyone on the same page…and on deadline? Audit your workflow processes to find out where your weaknesses lie.

A workflow audit isn’t hard, but it can take some time. You just need to review current projects and tasks associated with those projects. Review how your team communicates questions and receives feedback throughout the project. Does everyone send emails? Are there weekly meetings?

How do team members track deadlines? If you’re using one master spreadsheet, this means that everyone has to be proactive in updating that spreadsheet. Have you missed deadlines because of lack of communication?

You also need to look at how the workflow is structured. Is one team responsible for contacting the next team when their initial work is complete and it’s time to move the project to the next stage? Again, if you’re placing the burden of task workflow on each individual employee to move the project forward, you may be running into problems.

2.  Are there industry-specific Marketing Project Management Softwares?

For complex marketing teams, a broken workflow system doesn’t just frustrate managers. Team members may be silently fuming that deadlines aren’t being met because a co-worker dropped the ball. Maybe the task chains continuously go unchecked and this may leave some teams struggling to meet deadlines because others have exceeded previous due dates.

Hold team meetings and discuss how the team feels about the organization of task deadlines and project workflow. Are they happy with the current tools? What do they feel is positive or negative on how assignments are handled? Keep meetings small so that everyone has a feeling of involvement.

Allow all team members to weigh in on marketing workflow tools or systems they would like to have to make their jobs easier. Inquire about internal communication, too. If your team sends project updates or task inquiries through email, talk about other ways the team would prefer to manage communications.

Maybe everyone loves email, but suggest alternatives like a software program that allows the team to communicate on a task or client page.

best marketing project management tools

3.  Look at your budget for marketing project management tools

Whether yours is a small business or a larger company, the price of software puts a dent in the budget. So what can the company reasonably spend on new workflow software for a more organized workflow?

Some options may be out of reach financially; of course, they also may be too niche or offer too many features that you just won’t use.

4.   Make a list of all the tools you need from marketing project management software

Your workflow audit, your team meeting and your budget will help you zero in on what tools you really need for a more organized workflow.

Review all your data and list the tools that are most beneficial to help strengthen the weak spots in your company processes. If communication issues are causing information to be missed and deadlines to be pushed back, then a tool to simplify task communication might be your biggest need.

Employees may feel that they are constantly on the hook for managing the workflow internally. Sometimes next steps may be missed, which could affect the bigger picture of a campaign. You may need tools to automate each step of your workflow to keep projects moving along.

5.   Research your options to find the best marketing project management systems

There are so many workflow automation software options on the market. So what one is the best? You need software that offers all the tools your company needs for a simplified and streamlined workflow.

The software you select also should allow you to customize your workflow for each client. No two clients are the same, and their needs will vary. In addition, clients’ needs change over time and from project to project.

Don’t get stuck with a software platform that isn’t malleable. If software doesn’t allow your team to customize the project workflow and edit as the project changes, then it isn’t the right choice.

best marketing project management tools

Why Gryffin is the Best Marketing Project Management Platform

Gryffin is a fully customizable project workflow platform that allows you to build workspaces for every client that includes the right tools for each project. What marketing project management tools does Gryffin offer?

  • Editorial Calendar Tools
  • Invoicing Functions
  • On-Page Messaging
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Customizable Workflow Options
  • Integrated Inbox

What differentiates Gryffin from the competition is that each of these tools allows some degree of customization for your clients…and your own agency. Messaging within a task can be restricted to specific team members, and you also can control what your client sees regarding in-agency dialogue.

The invoicing tool allows each task to be billed after completion. As tasks are invoiced, they are then combined into one master invoice for each freelancer or employee. The invoicing task also lets employees bill hourly and specify payment methods.

Reporting capabilities and tools make it easy to share project updates and other reports between team members or with the client. The reporting tool also provides a space where past reports can be saved for quick reference.

An integrated inbox takes syncs your work email account with the software. This doesn’t mean the software is reading your emails! It does mean that you can access your emails and drop any important notes from the account into a task page (for a reference). So that email from the client that changes the layout of an infographic? Attach it to the infographic task so your graphic designer sees the changes!

So what are the best marketing project tools that your company needs? That really depends on your company! However, the best software will offer a comprehensive list of tools that make everyday business flow so much better. Want to see how marketing project tools can help simplify your workflow? Try Gryffin for free today!