What is the Best Project Management Software for Marketing Teams?

The typical day as a marketing writer might go a little like this: answer emails, check your list of copy assignments, start writing. Five minutes later…get inundated with other tasks. See a crazy message from the client that has a list of changes a mile long. Hit delete on what you thought was perfect. Cry. Drink black coffee. Only digital marketers understand the endless amount of chaos that a day can bring. 

Most of us will have tried to create order out of chaos.  We’ve tried dozens of different tools. We’ve filled entire notepads and covered our computer monitor with sticky notes. But in such a dynamic and ever changing environment, most of those tools, services or systems are just not enough to cope with all the chaos.

It’s time for you to find a project management software made for marketers, by marketers.

How do you find the best project management software for marketing? 

You may have tried a lot of different tools, and settled for using one for project management, another for chat, another for billing, another for hosting files, etc.  Your team may even have different programs for different tasks: one to organize press contacts, another keeps tasks together, and a spreadsheet organized as an editorial calendar.

Organization is the opposite of complicated, though. And using too many platforms makes your workload cumbersome and complicated. Yeah, the client is still going to have changes, the emails won’t stop, team meetings will take you by surprise. But no matter what your position is in a marketing firm or team, it’s important to keep your work life in balance with one software platform that simplifies your workload.

The Marketing Project Management Tool is Your Friend and Virtual Colleague

A little nervous about using one system for everything? Don’t be. Consider your project management software to be your personal assistant…your virtual organizer. It helps you stay on schedule, always meeting due dates and keeping a bird’s eye view of your projects and tasks. The task is red…IT’S LATE!!!  

The best project management tool delivers messages to you. It helps create your invoices so you get paid. Oh, and it lets you store all those important documents and attaches them to your tasks.

It won’t bring you more black coffee, though….yet!

Marketing Management Software Makes Work…Balanced

Your work life should be balanced. That is, you shouldn’t be constantly running around like you’re about to lose your cool. Stress isn’t healthy.  

Having all your information in one place lets you focus on the task at hand, not on trying to find the message from your client that you lost in your inbox. You don’t need to print out the infographic, the editorial calendar or even that important message from an influencer that you really need for the marketing campaign.

Did we mention that the best project management software should let you drop all your emails onto project pages?  The system should easily sync up to your email, so you can attach client messages relevant to other team members’ tasks, too.

Best Project Management Software for Marketing

What are Some of the Best Marketing Project Management Tools?

Writers might not need all the features of marketing project management software, but managers and others on the team may need more than just file sharing, task management capabilities and a calendar.

So what are the best marketing project management tools for other agency team members?  Most agencies need tools that let them create editorial calendars, invoice clients (or allow freelancers to invoice), and store reports. Of course, the system also should allow the agency to customize templates and scaleable workspaces for each client’s unique needs and demands.

How Does My Agency Find the Best Marketing Project Management Software?

Every agency has different needs. Discovering the best marketing project management software requires some research. There are many popular platforms, but when you want to find the best option, it’s best to utilize a trial offer.

Look for a software platform that offers at least a seven-day free trial period. The only way you can find out if a software works for the agency or team is to let everyone try it out.

You may be ready to schedule trials with multiple software options to find the best one. They all seem to have really great features…at least that’s how they advertise. What are signs that a system won’t work for your team?

  • It’s glitching. When you’re testing out software, and it glitches constantly, be warned. If you can’t get a smooth test run, it may spell problems for when you use it with clients. You don’t want software with issues.
  • It’s too difficult. You can’t figure it out. Your team can’t figure the tools out either. Is there a tutorial? Ok, yes, there should be a tutorial. But if that doesn’t help, don’t commit. You don’t want to keep calling the help line; difficult software will increase your workload.
  • The tools are lacking. If the software doesn’t have what you need, then it won’t help you! Make sure the software fits your industry.

Gryffin’s Marketing Management Tools Make It the Number One Market Management Software!

We can make your hunt easier so you don’t have to research the competitors. Gryffin offers the best marketing project management system available.

Why? Gryffin offers a comprehensive platform with the tools your agency needs to manage workflow, simplify daily processes and keep everyone on the same page.

With Gryffin, you can create editorial calendars, assign tasks and projects, save reports and send messages to colleagues about project status. Attach important documents to your assignments, too.  And, yes, you can let the client see all the information…or not, because managers control the permissions.

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