Case Studies From the US Hispanic Market

Few markets in the world are growing quite like the hispanic demographic in the United States.  With the recent changes in immigration policy and improved diplomatic relations with Cuba, we can only expect a larger presence of hispanic culture in the years to come.  But for how much Latin Americans contribute to the economy and the global market, there is a shocking lack of marketing campaigns targeted toward hispanic consumers.

Why is that?  Do American markets under-value hispanic customers?  Or is it just a case where they don’t have enough information?

Well, that’s not going to be an issue anymore.

New Studies on Hispanic Demographics Show…

that hispanics watch more videos online than the average American and are more likely to access said content from a mobile device, rather than a computer.

This means Hispanic Americans are a prime target audience for online video content and mobile ads.  The question now remains, how will you adapt your marketing campaign to engage this demographic?

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Don’t Just Translate Content – online translators are notoriously unreliable, and fail to account for cultural variables in communication.  The literal translation of certain words will not always convey the same message in every language.
  2. Understand and Appeal to the Culture – on a similar note, the values and sensibilities are different for each culture, so it’s important to customize your marketing strategy to the culture of your target audience.  Hispanic cultures generally emphasize close personal relationships and family ties.
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions – While it is ideal to provide hispanic audiences with content tailored to their culture, it is always a good idea to make standard English-language alternatives available as well.  You don’t want to assume that just because someone is of a certain nationality, they fit completely within a certain mold.

Always More to Learn

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the recent data collected on US hispanic market.  It is a large, thriving group in this country, one that’s growing faster than ever.  Rather than go through every factoid here, we thought we’d make it more interesting for you.

Here is a visual display of all the recent findings from the latest case studies on the US hispanic market.  There is much to learn, so Esperamos que disfrute!

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