Introducing the New Gryffin Admin

New Gryffin Admin

If you’ve worked on Gryffin today, you might have noticed some changes.

Since launching in Beta, we’ve been listening to our user’s feedback and working hard to make onboarding and managing a company a seamless experience.

This morning, those changes went live. We’re excited to share a Gryffin that is more streamlined, simple, and admin-friendly.

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FAQ Fridays: Task Management with Gryffin

what is the best task management app

Every day we are faced with a barrage of tasks and to-dos. Besides the daily tasks required for you job, there are constant requests from clients, customers, or vendors and new action items based on conversations and meetings with your team. It’s endless!

So how do you keep track of all those tasks, coming at you from all directions, without sacrificing quality or most importantly, your sanity?

The answer is simple: Gryffin.

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Gryffin Weekly Features Update: Project Expense Tracking & Invoicing

project expense tracking

Project Expense Tracking & Invoicing

How much does completing a project TRULY cost?

This seems like it should be an easy, obvious question, but for many small to medium sized businesses, it can be incredibly difficult to track.  Add to this challenge the fact that many more businesses are adding remote workers and freelancers to their workforce. With so many variables, how can you know the actual, not projected, cost of a project?

This week at Gryffin, we released a new billing/invoicing feature designed to help you track the cost of a project.

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FAQ Fridays: Email Based Project Management

email based project management

If you are working with multiple people on a project, you need to know what emails have been sent, when, and by whom. There’s nothing worse than leaving emails unanswered or conversations dropped when they need to go on.

When we designed Gryffin, attaching emails to projects was a no brainer. Attaching emails to projects makes remote collaboration effortless. You can see the entire conversation in one space, without worrying over lost threads spread across multiple users’ inboxes.

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