How Workflow Software Keeps Agency Teams on Task

Workflow Software

Nothing is more embarrassing for the team—and the entire agency—than a missed deadline or task error caught by a client. A press release shouldn’t go out late, an article deadline shouldn’t be missed, and the approval process shouldn’t be held up because of a tardy team member.

How do you keep every team member accountable, when the flow of tasks and information never stops?

Yes, agencies can use chat capabilities, texting, Skype, traditional meetings and spreadsheets to keep details together. However, many agencies juggle so many assignments for numerous clients that meetings, spreadsheets, and chat functions just aren’t enough.

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Entrepreneuring On-the-Go: How to Balance Business and Travel

business and travel

From the outside looking in, business and travel seem to go together like chocolate and peanut butter. What’s not to love about the jet-setting lifestyle, right? Conducting business in exotic lands, seeing beautiful sights you may never come across again in a lifetime … business travel sounds like a dream come true, on paper anyway.

Take that paper out of the folder, though, and you pretty quickly stumble into a lengthy list of logistical and communication nightmares that have broken many a wary corporate traveler asunder.

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