Is Remote Work Here to Stay?

Is Remote Work Here to Stay

About 8 million people–or around 5% of the U.S. workforce–worked from home all of the time in 2017. Since then, the number of people who work from home has increased drastically. This is partly due to technological advancements that has made remote work easier on both employees and employers. However, …

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Maximize Productivity with Workflow Automation Software

workflow automation software

Workflows, as any good manager will tell you, are the only reason anything ever gets done on time. Without them, business processes function entirely on guesswork and intuition, which can get the job done but in a grossly inefficient manner.

Precious working days are lost in just coordinating between the various departments and the teams responsible for the different aspects of a project, with the smallest of missteps causing serious setbacks that delay delivery.

In this day and age, with widespread availability of software tools to streamline and automate everything, there’s simply no reason for this to be delaying your team’s progress. Workflow automation software is no exception, with a plethora of services existing to make managing even the most complex of workflows a breeze.

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How to Use Workflow Management Tools to Maximize Results

workflow management tools

Marketing agencies may manage the needs of a long list of clients, all of which have their own unique projects, initiatives and campaigns. For every client, there could be dozens of ongoing tasks, assignments and projects that all fold into a larger picture.

Whether the project is a digital marketing campaign, influencer outreach or in-house publicity campaign, every single effort has to be tracked and measured to guarantee a positive ROI.

The success or failure of any campaign relies on seamless communication between everyone on the team. Knowing the big picture is important, but seeing the steps involved to that final outcome is just as pertinent.

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7 Signs You Probably Need New Productivity Management Software

Productivity Management Software

It’s no secret: the workplace has changed dramatically over the past decade. In the old days, communication was slow and whoever you were reaching out to had to physically be at their desk in order to respond. Paperwork meant paper work: any files you needed to pull up meant a trip to the storage basement.

Luckily, technology has innovated productivity. Business leaders are able to move more quickly on decisions. Employees no longer have to work a strict 9 am to 5 pm shift—and aren’t afraid to take advantage of this. Plus, teams are not limited by proximity. You can have a global team working on any given project.

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100+ Project Management & Productivity Statistics You Should Know

productivity statistics

Investing in project management software is a big decision, even if you’re using a platform as cost-effective as Gryffin. As a business owner or executive, it’s important you always complete your due diligence, researching various platforms to ensure their quality.

It’s to that end that we decided to compile a list of more than 100 valuable project management and productivity statistics you should know, organized into various categories for your convenience.

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Where Workflow Automation Succeeds…And Where It Doesn’t

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is one of the hottest trends in the modern workforce. It enables efficiency, consistency, quality, and accountability in usual work processes. Workflow automation ensures stepwise implementation of protocols that are programmed in an automatic mode. Such level of automation strives to reduce errors, prevent loss of time, and resources with assured quality in the outcome.

This is particularly useful for small businesses and teams. Identifying and addressing bottlenecks can increase efficiency and productivity. Even better, team members can better allocate their time and energy towards completing more essential and involved projects.

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Is your SEO Workflow Optimized? Tips to Improve your Productivity

seo workflow task management

Keeping client happy by meeting deadlines is not easy in an industry that moves as fast as Search Marketing.  Beyond client relationships and getting things done, there are countless tasks that could be performed in the course of a campaign.  Being organized is key to combine a client’s business goals with the tasks involved in fulfilling deliverables.

There are four elements of a task workflow that is highly productive for SEO, or any other project management process. These include, task planning, daily check-ins, review and feedback sessions, and post task analysis to improve strategies.

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How We Turned Gryffin Into an Event Management Project Tracker [Case Study]

event management project tracker tool

Have you ever found yourself planning a large event with multiple people, in multiple locations, with many moving pieces? Gryffin founder Marcela De Vivo talks about how she solved her event management, project tracking, and organization problems:

“[Organizing events] is my daily bread for my role as a digital marketing analyst and corporate speaker at SEMrush. Not only do I have to pitch to and apply to speak at conferences, I also have to plan workshops at cities all over the world.

For every workshop, my job is to set up the event from start to finish.  To accomplish this, I work with team members in 3 different countries.

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Do You Need A Productivity Planner?

productivity planner

In the work environment, tasks that should make you more efficient at doing your job can overwhelm your desktop. Emails intended to make conversations more streamlined can flood your inbox. Meetings designed to empower can cut into actual work time.

For project managers, the first thing they should ask when starting a new project is this: do you need a productivity planner? If you can relate to any of these issues, then the answer is yes!

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Are You Really Working Hard? Measuring Productivity Growth For Remote Workers

measuring remote employee productivity

Everybody agrees on the importance of productivity growth, but there’s very little consensus on how to measure productivity accurately. Conversations about increasing productivity almost always seem to rely on subjective or relativistic expressions of success or defeat: for example, “I feel more productive lately,” or “I think we’re more productive than we were last week.”

Relying on such inexact mechanisms to gauge productivity within an organization never works. Instead, why not find reliable metrics you can use to improve the productivity of your organization in measurable ways?

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