Gryffin vs. Asana vs. Trello: Everything You Need to Know

best project management platform

Choosing the best project management platform is a key component of building and maintaining a top-performing team. Asana and Trello are big names in the market, but there are other key players emerging in the industry that could provide you with a suitable alternative.

What is the Best Project Management Software?

Every team is unique with a different set of tools, benchmarks, and objectives. To ensure that your team is reaching their full potential, pick a project management platform that can be customized to your specific business goals.

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Why You Should Use Collaboration Software For Marketing

Collaboration Software For Marketing

No matter the size of the task, effective collaboration is necessary if you want to achieve project benchmarks and maximize your marketing efforts. Without being able to communicate openly and seamlessly across your team, it’s nearly impossible to meet deadlines without details slipping through the cracks.

Take a look at a few of the main reasons why using collaboration software for marketing can help your business thrive.

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Marketing Project Management Software

marketing project management software

Anyone that is in the marketing business, especially online marketing, understands that there are many moving parts that are all constantly changing and evolving. It’s hard to make existing project management platforms match marketing needs. Basecamp, Asana, Monday – are great platforms in their own right, but don’t take into consideration the specific needs of marketers. With many simultaneous processes, marketers need workflow automation software designed for marketing professionals.

This software needs to feel like a seamless fit, it shouldn’t need heavy adjustments or numerous management systems in order to meet marketing firms needs. Ideally, project management software for marketers would feel natural to use and automate many of the processes that are currently being performed manually. Ideally, it should also be integrated into reporting systems and allow for marketing teams to meet deadlines, client expectations, and deliverables.

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How to Choose a Workflow Management Tool to Optimize your Business

workflow management

Every business has specific processes they follow to get things done.  Unfortunately, many of these processes are stored in managers’ heads or written into manuals and flow charts. This isn’t always effective and can waste time and money.

In today’s world, process management should not be complicated, rigid, or boring. Workflow management makes following processes easy, increasing collaboration and reducing errors.

The ability to create replicable systems in a crucial element that limits many marketing teams. When there are personnel changes, there aren’t strong training manuals so new personnel take a long time to train and work efficiently. Personnel changes, onboarding team members, scaling to grow can become expensive and tedious, slowing down your company’s growth potential.

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How to Build a Basic Project Management Template

Project Management Template

Project templates are a staple of efficient business processes. Project templates give your work structure: they ease the start of any new project and guide you through the execution of your work.

A good project management template should also help improve your workflow; the more you use it, the more you can identify bottlenecks, fine-tune your processes, and improve your template.

Project management templates don’t need to be complicated, either. Whether it’s excel templates, kanban board, or one of Gryffin’s automated templates, a basic project management template can go a long way to improving your efficiency.

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Improving Project and Task Management for Content Creators

Project and Task Management

The past few years have completely changed the way we create content. It’s no longer (just) about creating the best content possible. Visibility is just as important as quality, which means you need to consider audience, format, and optimization well before you begin the actual content creation process.

If you’re a freelancer or agency, you also have to take into account client guidelines and review processes, as well.

Gone are the days of write, edit, publish. You need a comprehensive content strategy to make sure content that is primed and ready to reach your audience before it can begin engaging them.

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How Public Relations Project Management Software Can Improve Your Agency

Public relations project management software is poised to drag the PR industry into the 21st century

The popularity of project management software has exploded in recent years. Industry-specific solutions are now a huge range of industries—and have been surprisingly transformative in many of them.

PR firms are no stranger to this kind of specialized software. From content distribution platforms to press relationship management, there is no end to the tools available. In the face of this, public relations project management software might seem superfluous.

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Wedding DIY: Using a Wedding Project Management Template

wedding project management template

Project management isn’t just for the office—learn how a wedding project management template can help you plan your wedding like a Boss!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Your significant other gets down on one knee with a beautiful ring in their hand and asks the big question: Will you marry me? You say, Yes!, with your hands in the air. When you announce the news to your friends and family, they are delighted and can’t wait for the big day. They start asking about the date, the venue, did you know your cousin is allergic to shellfish, are they able to bring a guest, and of course it would be an honor for them to sing at your wedding.

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What Does a Legal Project Manager Do?

What does a legal project manager do?

The growing field of Legal Project Management (LPM) can be a somewhat contentious subject. Not everyone understands what LPM is or why it’s necessary. What does a legal project manager do, or, more importantly, how can they improve your law firm?

The nickel description? An LPM is an efficiency expert who streamlines a whole operation from top to bottom. They cut out wasteful practices, wasteful expenses… waste in general. And they provide a number of valuable insights into how legal teams are performing; strengths and weaknesses, their best and worst practices, and more.

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