Using Digital Marketing Analytics Data for Actionable Insights

Undoubtedly, if you’re engaged in online marketing as part of your business, you do your best to make the most of the digital marketing analytics that you have available. And, thankfully, with many content management platforms, you have a lot of data to choose from.

You can, for example, look at and track things like how many social media hits and followers you have, or how many people visit your website within a given timeframe, or where your traffic is coming from.

And, while any and all types of digital marketing analytics are and can be helpful, the ultimate goal is not just to track analytics, but instead, to use them to impact positive change for your business and your marketing efforts.

The key to making that- the most important part of the equation- happen is to first track the right analytics in the right ways and, from there, to put what you learn to good use.

Using Digital Marketing Analytics Data for Actionable Insights

Track you Traffic

Even the most basic digital marketing management platforms are going to give you the ability to track traffic. However, is it really enough to simply see how many people are visiting your site? Not if you want to get real results.

You not only need to track traffic itself, but you need to track where it’s coming from, such as what keywords and referrals led people to your page. You also need to be able to see these types of metrics not just for your whole website, but by page, keyword, and more.

You also need to be able to tell which traffic was just a “dead end,” meaning it led to nothing more than a quick visit to your site, and which traffic actually led to real conversions, such as filling out a contact form or requesting your services.

Ultimately, it’s not the quantity of the traffic that matters, but whether that traffic leads to conversions. After all, the better you understand your traffic and its source and results, the better able you are to do away with unwanted outcomes and to maintain and increase the desirable ones.

Unlike a lot of other digital marketing analytics programs out there, Gryffin understands all of this and offers broken-down metrics and tracking options to help you fully comprehend each and every part and piece of your traffic in a way that allows you to spur smart future action.

With Gryffin, you start with an overview of how all the sites you’re tracking are performing:

Using Digital Marketing Analytics Data for Actionable Insights

Next, you can drill through to a specific site to see what pages or keywords are increasing/decrease during a time period comparison:

Using Digital Marketing Analytics Data for Actionable Insights

And once you identify the changes that can bring meaningful results, Gryffin helps you track those projects/tasks from conception to completion.

Using Digital Marketing Analytics Data for Actionable Insights

Update Effects Tracking

Have you made a recent update to your digital marketing efforts? If so, this is where things tend to get a bit tricky.

No matter how great the changes, you can’t truly see how effective (or ineffective) they are unless you can compare them to past metrics, meaning what was happening in terms of your digital marketing analytics before you made any changes.

Gryffin is one of the few programs out there that allows you to record any changes you make to your marketing efforts and to see easy comparisons of how they have affected and impacted your business.

Digital Marketing Analytics

With this kind of knowledge at your fingertips, it’s a whole lot easier to avoid wasting money on ineffective changes and to know where to invest your money because you know which changes are actually working for you and driving real results.

Think Outside Your Website

Being able to track what’s happening with your website and on your website is incredibly important for the success of your business. And, thankfully, with most platforms, this is fairly easy to do.

If you’re using these other forms of marketing (and you should be), remember that it’s just as important to track your metrics and analytics from these methods as well as others, if not more so since they’re often helping you to reach a whole new, previously untapped market.

While, if you’re lucky, your basic platforms will offer general digital marketing analytics for websites and webpages, Gryffin goes beyond and can actually break down each marketing strategy and project separately, allowing you to see, with just a mouse-click or two, how each and every effort your team is making, both on and beyond your website, is faring and affecting your business.

Track Trends Over Time

Seeing any instant changes made to your traffic and/or conversions is extremely helpful, especially when you’ve just made a change or employed a new strategy and want to track its results, as discussed earlier.

However, the only way to truly know which strategies are just temporarily successful and which ones are useful for the long haul is to track your metrics over time.

While you could, with other platforms, try and flip through months and months or years and years of past data to try and get a clear picture of where you stand and if you’re improving, regressing, or staying the same, why do all that extra work?

With Gryffin, you can break down results in many different ways, allowing you to get a bigger, longer-term, more comprehensive picture of how your efforts are working, or not working, allowing you to make smart changes, more accurate predictions, and to improve and grow your efforts over time.

Using Digital Marketing Analytics Data for Actionable Insights

Take Control

The bottom line is that, the more you know, the more you grow. It’s an old saying, but a very true one when it comes to the world of digital marketing analytics.

And, with that in mind, wouldn’t you want to know as much as possible? The more thoroughly and deeply you understand your analytics, the more impact they can have, which is why it just makes sense to choose a platform and service that give you a total knowledge base and the total control and foresight that go along with it.