Enterprise Workflow Automation Software – Taking Marketing to a New Level

If you are performing marketing tasks, whether for an SEO company or your own business, you know how many things need to be done daily to stay on track.

Online marketing is highly-effective but involves performing multi-channel promotions simultaneously and ongoing.

This takes a huge commitment to keeping things organized.

But, what if I told you there is an easier way? A way that not only organizes everything but can do a lot of the work for you.

Well, there is, and it’s known as workflow automation software.

Enterprise Workflow Automation Software

What is Workflow Automation? 

Workflow automation is the process of identifying all of the steps that need to be taken to complete projects or tasks, and then programming them into a software system to be dynamic and adjustable based on the changes and needs of a company.

Once the workflows are set up, these workflow templates can easily be adjusted or duplicated, greatly reducing the work required for new projects.

What are the Benefits of Using Workflow Automation Software?

Automation is the obvious benefit, but in fact, when you implement this kind of system in the workplace, it has many other benefits that are often overlooked.

Often the process of setting up automation itself will reveal a lot about your current processes and where things will be improved.

Once in the system, the benefits start to roll in quickly, even if not all are noticed initially.

Enterprise Workflow Automation Software

Here are a few of the main positives that automation brings:

  1. Productivity is increased – Automation leads to increased productivity as time isn’t wasted on organizing and performing simple tasks that can be automated.
  2. Save time – As repetitive tasks are done for you and everyone knows what they have to do each day and ahead of schedule.
  3. Better accuracy and efficiency – As tasks become analyzed and broken down into workflows, accuracy and efficiency are improved.
  4. Communication – Communication is more accurate and integrated, making collaboration easier. Easier collaboration results in more efficient and happier workers.
  5. Continuous workflows – Making sure the “next” step is always programmed.
  6. Setting goals – Actionable goals are not only set, but performance can be monitored and follow up actions can be programmed.
  7. Due dates – There is no need to constantly remind staff of due dates, as the emails and dashboard will let them know what is due when and what takes priority.
  8. Adapting to different types of workflows – Templates and drag-and-drop functionality makes the software able to adapt to all sorts of workflow processes.
  9. Actionable data is collected – Allowing for marketing processes to be adapted, or experiments performed to see how approaches can be improved.
  10. Workflow for each client or campaign – Helping to include them in the process and keep them updated. This also often leads to better client retention.
  11. Easily change workflows – based on the team members involved or if there’s a change in workflow. Workflows can be rapidly changed and dynamically applied.
  12. Billing – Becomes more accurate and transparent. All work is monitored, as are the expenses. Transparent billing also increases customer confidence and trust that you deliver as promised.
  13. Scalability – With automation and the ability to manage outsourced work easily, your business becomes more scalable.

While the above isn’t a comprehensive list, it does offer a good insight into what can be done with automation.

Whether you are a new startup or an established marketing company, automating your marketing processes and setting up workflows simply makes sense.

For new businesses, the affordable plans offered by Gryffin allow startups to have incredible organization and the ability to expand rapidly from the very beginning.

For those established, it can help to greatly increase efficiency and therefore profitability without taking on further staff. Then, as you grow further, you grow with a more efficient business model.

Owners, managers, staff, and shareholders will be happy with the results that automation brings.

As remember, this isn’t the kind of automation designed to remove jobs, but to increase the output from each of the existing employees without making them work harder.

What is the best workflow management software?

Workflow automation is the future, and Gryffin offers it NOW. Workflow automation software not only makes it easier to run your business, but it turns your existing setup into an expandable company

The room for growth is one of the most valuable aspects of using workflow management software. Instead of struggling to manage the clients you have, you can confidently attract, onboard, and manage as many clients as you choose.