FAQ Fridays: Task Management with Gryffin

Every day we are faced with a barrage of tasks and to-dos. Besides the daily tasks required for you job, there are constant requests from clients, customers, or vendors and new action items based on conversations and meetings with your team. It’s endless!

So how do you keep track of all those tasks, coming at you from all directions, without sacrificing quality or most importantly, your sanity?

The answer is simple: Gryffin.

Using Gryffin for Task Management

To learn how you can use Gryffin for task management, start by watching this video:

[arve url=”https://vimeo.com/295376721″ title=”Tasks” description=”Learn how to deal with tasks” upload_date=”2018-10-16″ thumbnail=”https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/732520205_640.webp” /]

Your Task Manager

Your Task Manager displays all tasks assigned to you within Gryffin.

what is the best task management app

The Task Manager is divided into 4 groups: Overdue, Today, and Tomorrow, and Later.  You can drag and drop your tasks between these groups, or click on the “due date” to change the due date of your tasks.

The Task Manager is your “command central” for getting things done.  People can assign tasks to you from any project in the company, but at the end of the day, all of your tasks will show up here, helping you to organize your workflow according to tasks that are overdue, due today, due tomorrow, and due later.

Types of Tasks

There are several types of tasks in Gryffin:

  • Connected tasks that belong to a specific project
  • Floating tasks that are not connected to any project.
  • Meeting tasks  (both connected and floating)

Tasks that are not connected can be created right in the Task Manager by clicking on the red button what is the best task management app in the top right.

types of tasks in Gryffin

The task creation pop-up (shown below) will appear. You can create a new task for yourself or for a team member. This task will appear only in your Task Manager.

The majority of your tasks, however, will be connected to a larger project:

Project Task Management

To create and manage tasks on a project,  go to that project’s hub:

what is the best task management app

On the left side of the project hub, you will see the task widget, which displays all tasks that are pending on that project:

what is the best task management app

You can click what is the best task management app to create a new task. You can also filter to show tasks that are pending, or have already been marked done.

Any tasks created will appear both in the project AND in the assignee’s Task Manager.

The ability to create tasks that are automatically connected to projects makes project management that much easier.  All of the tasks belonging to a project are listed within the project hub, and all of the tasks assigned to a user can be found in the Task Manager.

Creating a New Task

Whether you create a task from the Task Manager or from a Project, you’ll see the task creator pop up.

what is the best task management app

From here, you can add the name for the task, assign it to one or more users, give the task a due date, and add notes related to the task.

By default, tasks do not have a start date or time as they have a due date.  But if you have multi-day tasks, you can add a start date and time so this reflects accordingly in your calendar.

If you are in a hurry, the Quick Due Date allows you to quickly assign whether the task is due today, tomorrow, or in 2, 3, 5 or 7 days.

Creating Meeting Tasks

Meeting tasks allow you to use the task system to schedule your day, including any meetings you might have.

To create a meeting task, create a new task, and select the top left button what is the best task management app.

This will open a drop-down which will allow you to change the task to a meeting:

what is the best task management app

This will also add a start and end date and time, so that the meeting will show up in your task list and calendar as a meeting.

Meetings can also be synced to your Google Calendar.

Creating Recurring Tasks

The next icon what is the best task management app allows you to create recurring tasks.  By using this setting, you can create a task that repeats in a variety of ways, for example, weekly, every weekday, and much much more.

what is the best task management app

Assigning Priorities to a Task

When creating a new task, you can assign a priority for your task by using the third icon .

what is the best task management app

Priority displays in both the project’s task widget and your Task Manager. You can change the priority at any point by clicking the same icon:

what is the best task management app

If some of your tasks don’t have due dates, or share the same due date, you can use priority to quickly and easily organize your task list.

Interacting with Tasks

Once a task is created, you can still edit the task and leave comments, track the task feed, and more. Tasks are very versatile and there is much you can do with them beyond basic tasking.


At any point you can click on a task to pull up the Quick View Panel

what is the best task management app

From here, you can leave comments about the task, or @mention the relevant people if you have questions about this task.

Editing Tasks

You can quick-edit the priority, assigned to, and due date of any project.

To make further edits, you’ll need to return to the pop-up. You can do this by opening up the task menu :

what is the best task management app

You can also use the edit button what is the best task management appwithin the Quick View panel:

what is the best task management app

When you open an existing task, you’ll now see the comment section on the left side:

what is the best task management app

You can edit your additional notes, recurring task settings, leave comments, and see all activity on the task. To do this, click on the chat button in the top right corner.

what is the best task management app

Select Feed, and instead of comments, you’ll now see a history of all activity on the task:

what is the best task management app

Task Management Made Easy with Gryffin

Whether you are managing a few projects and team members, or running massive campaigns with lots of tasks and dependencies, Gryffin gives you all the tools to get it done—and it all starts with a task.