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Gryffin’s project management tool was built specifically for digital marketing agencies. It is designed with the flexibility you need to keep up with the evolving world of marketing and the key features you need to run your digital marketing operations with ease.

Unlock Your Team’s Potential With Gryffin

  1. Manage Every Aspect of Your Digital Marketing Campaign: Stop juggling multiple spreadsheets and switching back and forth between programs to put all of the pieces of your marketing campaign together. You can use Gryffin to manage every aspect of your campaign, including editorial calendars, content marketing, SEO efforts, blogger outreach, analytics, reporting, and more.
  2. Never Miss A Deadline Again: Use our tool to create, assign, and track the status of tasks involved in a project. Gryffin makes it easy to effortlessly manage complex projects, so you will never let another task fall through the cracks again.
  3. Eliminate Time-Wasting Tasks: Your team’s time is valuable, so they shouldn’t have to waste it on performing simple, repetitive tasks. Use Gryffin to automate these manual tasks so your team can focus their time and energy on more complex, important marketing tasks. Gryffin’s workflow automation feature will keep your projects moving forward–no manual work required. 

how to use gryffin to

Keep Complex Marketing Campaigns

This hierarchy of project management helps you stay organized and on top of your marketing efforts regardless of their complexities.


View All of Your Projects In One Place

Visit your dashboard to see all of your project-related data at a glance. You can customize your dashboard so it only displays the information you need to see in a hurry, such as:

  • Overdue tasks
  • Pending tasks
  • Team productivity
  • Campaign expenses
  • Time tracking
  • KPIs

Build as many custom dashboards as you need to keep track of your team, your clients, and your campaigns.


Communicate and Collaborate On Tasks

Communicating and collaborating on projects is simple with Gryffin. Your team can use the Chat feature to leave comments, questions, or feedback about a specific project. This ensures that all of the conversations related to the project stay in one place, so your team won’t have to spend hours scrolling through instant messages or emails to find the information they need. 

Your team can also upload files or connect emails directly to a project in Gryffin. This way, everyone who is working on the project will have access to relevant documents.

choose a template

Customize Your Templates

Every agency works differently and every client has different expectations. That’s why Gryffin allows you to customize your templates to meet the unique needs of your agency and your clients.

Choose a template you want to customize from our library or start fresh by building your own template from scratch. Use the drag-and-drop feature to quickly add or remove fields from your custom workspace, project, or workflow. No coding skills required! Be sure to save the template once you’re done so you can reuse it in the future.

connect your apps to gryffin

Integrate Your Favorite Tools

Marketers rely on a number of tools to simplify their work. Instead of managing dozens of different tools, connect them to Gryffin so your team can access all of the data they need on one screen. You can integrate all of your favorite tools, including:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Calendar
  • Slack
  • Gmail
  • SEMRush
  • DropBox

Now, you can bring together all of the tools you already use into one workspace.

time tracking

Track Your Team’s Time

You don’t need to invest in a separate time-tracking tool to see where your team’s time is going. With a click of a button, your team can track their time for every task or project. Use this feature to:

Thanks to this user-friendly feature, It’s never been easier to see how your team is spending their time. 

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