Gryffin: Your One-Stop Solution for Task Management

Are you frustrated with missed deadlines or unpredictable productivity and profits?
If so, the solution may be as simple as changingthe way you work.

Gryffin is a one-stop solution for SEO and marketing professionals. Our task management platform has all
the features you need to meet (and exceed!) your goals and achieve greater success.

Project and Task Management

Launch and execute digital marketing strategy in a more streamlined, manageable way. With Gryffin’s Project Hub, you can:

  • Create and customize templates, workflows, workspaces, dashboards, and more
  • Keep projects and tasks running smoothly
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Track time
  • Work more efficiently, cohesively, and successfully

Team Collaboration

Keep everyone informed to facilitate more effective communication. With Gryffin, you can:

  • View every conversation related to a specific project or task
  • Connect your Gmail inbox with Gryffin
  • Create projects and tasks directly from your inbox

Workflow Automation

If you can point and click, you can design an automated workflow with Gryffin.  Use the comprehensive drag and drop workflow builder to:

  • Create new workflows
  • Assign tasks to project stages
  • Connect due dates to project and task stages 

Campaign Financials

Integrate tasks, projects, and workflows with your accounting system for simpler, more effective financial management. Our system works with both accounts payable and accounts receivable and also allows you to:

  • Create, send, and track invoices via a safe, comprehensive approval process 
  • Sort invoices by status
  • Track expenses
  • Manage your budget

Business Reporting

Build custom, data-driven reports based on your projects, tasks, and workflows to:

  • Assess efficiency
  • Predict revenue
  • View and analyze your budget allocations and ROI for smarter financial decision making

Editorial Calendar App

Create, track, and manage an effective content and keyword strategy and design workflows and workspaces based on content type.

KPI Reporting

Connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console data for easier KPI tracking.

  • Save Google Search Console historical data beyond Google’s 16 month limit.
  • See the impact of Google Algorithm Updates across all the sites you are tracking
  • See what pages or keywords have increased or decreased rankings during a defined time period

Blogger Outreach

Transform interactions into links. Track correspondence with bloggers, build your media and blogger inventory, and grow your online presence and reputation with quality, authoritative links. 

  • SEMrush integration 
  • Connection of multiple Gmail accounts

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