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Traditional project management tools offer a limited number of features. As a result, marketers are often forced to use a combination of these project management tools, spreadsheets, and business communication software to get their work done. 

But there is a solution to this problem: Gryffin

Use Gryffin to perform all of your work, all in one place.

Who can use Gryffin?

Creative Agencies
Public Relations
Marketing Teams
Content Marketing
Web Developers
In-House Teams
PR Teams
Video Production

Run All Digital Marketing Operations With One Tool

Most project management tools allow you to create projects and outline the tasks involved in each project. But your team needs more than a glorified to-do list to successfully manage digital marketing projects. 

Gryffin is the only project management tool designed for the complex and evolving world of digital marketing. Grow, measure, automate, and optimize your marketing and SEO with these key features:

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See the data you need at a glance in your easy-to-read dashboard. Customize your dashboard to include data related to tasks, projects, invoices, time-tracking, productivity, or more. 

Project Management

Use Gryffin to create projects, assign tasks, and track the status of tasks to ensure you complete each project by its deadline. You can even collaborate with team members directly within the tool, so all communication regarding the project stays in one place.


Improve your team’s productivity by automating repetitive, manual tasks in your workflow. Gryffin’s automated workflow feature will keep your projects moving forward toward completion and allow your team to focus on other more important tasks.

Customizable Workflows

Every team works differently and every client has different expectations.Use Gryffin’s drag-and-drop feature to quickly create custom workflows that meet the needs of your team and your clients. You can create countless unique workflows for different clients, tasks, projects, or team members. No coding skills required!

Editorial Calendar

Plan and organize your content marketing strategy with Gryffin’s editorial calendar. Use the drag-and-drop feature to create a custom editorial calendar based on industry themes, personas, keywords, and buying stages. 

Blogger Outreach

Use Gryffin to integrate your link building campaign with the rest of your digital marketing efforts. Connect multiple Gmail accounts to Gryffin so you can keep your communications with bloggers or media contacts organized. Create projects and tasks based on your blogger outreach efforts so you can successfully turn connections into verified links.


Measure the results of your SEO and digital marketing efforts with Gryffin. This tool pulls data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics and presents it in easy-to-read tables and graphs. See an overview of website traffic, rankings, and keywords for each client at a glance. 

Client Interface

Give your clients access to Gryffin so they can track the status of their projects, review and approve content and other deliverables, and measure the results of their campaigns. You can control what your clients see, so you can give them as little or as much access you would like.


Build, save, and send custom reports using Gryffin. From the status of tasks and projects to time-tracking and expenses, you can select what data you want to include in the report. This tool allows you to pull data across different workspaces, clients, or campaigns.


You can use Gryffin to manage all of your invoicing. Invite team members, contractors, and freelancers to send and track the status of their invoices directly through this tool. Managers can review and approve each invoice before it is processed. You can also use this tool to create and send invoices for your services to clients.


The time-tracking feature allows you to keep track of how much time is spent on specific tasks, projects, campaigns, or clients. Use this data to monitor your team’s productivity or calculate the cost of your services.


Digital marketers rely on a number of tools to get their work done. Instead of switching back and forth between tools, connect them to Gryffin so you can perform all your work in one place. You can link your Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, SEMRush, and other accounts to the Gryffin tool.

How Gryffin Compares to
Other Project Management Tools

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Artificial Intelligence
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Project Hub
Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Green Tick
Workflow Automation
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Advance Permissions
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Task Management
Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Green Tick
Inbox Integration
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Cloud Storage
Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Purple Tick Green Tick
Threaded Chat
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Business Intelligence
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Expense Tracking
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