Task & Project Management for Data Analytics


Manage your marketing campaigns.

Connect your site’s Google Analytics and Google Search Console data so you can track your site’s KPI’s from Gryffin’s executive dashboard.


Whether you are tracking one site or dozens, you can immediately see how traffic, impressions, CTR, positions, conversions, average session duration and other metrics have changed in the last 30 days. 

  • Save Google Search Console historical data beyond Google’s 16 month limit.
  • See the impact of Google Algorithm Updates across all the sites you are tracking
  • See what pages or keywords have increased or decreased rankings during a defined time period

Keyword Position Tracking

Add keywords to a campaign so you can track visibility over time.  Get historical data on each keyword’s ranking according to Google Search Console.  Identify the impact of on-page optimizations to a change in ranking.

Track Experiments & Algorithm Updates

Did a Google Algorithm Update affect one, or all, of the sites that you manage?  By adding global changes to the interface, you can check the impact to all of your sites.

Whether it’s a global algorithm change, or a specific update made to your site, you can annotate the date of the change and see how your traffic is changing over 30, 60, 90 days or a custom time frame.

Save Google Search Console Historical Data

Google limits the amount of data saved in Google Search Console to 16 months.  Any other keyword or traffic data is lost forever.  How was a specific page doing 2 years ago?  Was a keyword ranking 18 months ago? None of that data is accessible because of Google’s time limit.  With Gryffin, you can store GSC data so you can keep all of your information indefinitely.

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