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Easy code-free automation.

Every team works differently. With Gryffin, you can create custom and automatic workflows to improve your team’s productivity.

Automated Workflows

Automating your workflows will give you endless benefits, including:

Gryffin offers an easy drag and drop workflow builder that allows anyone to assign tasks to project stages, keeping all of your projects automatically moving forward.  Say goodbye to missed deadlines and hello to happy clients and managers.

Make the Most of Dynamic Due Dates

One of the trickiest parts of workflows is deciding on a due date. How can you determine when one part of a project will be done, for example, when it’s reliant on a previous task?

Thankfully, Gryffin offers a great solution to this conundrum: dynamic due dates.

In your workflow builder, you can create dynamic due dates and relate them to previous stages or tasks. That way, you’re always in control and in the loop, and your project updates in real-time. You also won’t have to stare down tons of unassigned tasks without due dates each day, which can make anyone feel bogged down and disorganized.

Adapt as your Needs Change

A powerful advantage of having mapped out, systematic workflows is that you can get team members up to speed working on projects in a fraction of the time.  The workflow takes care of “training” and all team members have to do is follow the breadcrumb of tasks.

Forget about wasting time and money training new employees, or the lost time and chaos resulting in team members who change roles.  Gryffin keeps you organized at all times because each project has it’s own linear set of tasks to reach completion.

Save time and money by creating workflows that adapt to the needs of your organization!

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