Blogger Outreach Tool

Easily Manager your Link Building and Outreach Campaigns

Track your blogger outreach and link-building efforts with Gryffin.

Here’s how it works:


Connect Your Gmail Account

Follow the simple steps to connect your Gmail account so you can access your inbox through Gryffin. Connect multiple Gmail accounts to our tool so you can send out emails from different clients, users, or personas. You can easily switch between Gmail accounts within Gryffin without repeatedly logging in and out or opening up multiple windows.


Communicate With Bloggers

Send and receive emails from your Gmail accounts directly within Gryffin. Seeing all of your communications at-a-glance will make it easier to keep track of your efforts so valuable opportunities won’t ever slip through the cracks again.

If you build a relationship with a blogger or media contact, add their information to your Outreach Inventory so you can reach out to them again in the future. Think of it as your own personal digital Rolodex.


Create Projects

Have you been asked to write a guest blog? Do you need to follow up with a contact next month about a potential link-building opportunity? Turn these connections into verified links by linking emails to new or existing projects within our tool. Once a project is created, you can:

  • Create and assign tasks. You can create a customizable workflow, which is a series of tasks that must be completed to fulfill the goals of the project. Then, assign these tasks to team members so they can start working on the project right away. This makes it easier to take advantage of guest blogging or other link-building opportunities.
  • Add actions. Set reminders so you don’t forget to follow up with a contact, submit the article, or verify that the link was published.
  • Chat with team members. Does a writer have questions about the topic? Does an editor need to leave notes for the writer? Team members can post questions or comments within the project so all communication takes place in the same location.
  • Access relevant emails. Once an email is connected to a project, the entire email chain, including future replies, will be visible to all team members assigned to that specific project.


Manage Blogger Outreach Projects to Completion

Our tool allows you to manage your blogger outreach projects from start to finish–just like you would manage any other marketing project. 

Does your contact need you to submit a guest blog by a specific date? Set due dates for each assigned task to ensure your team stays on schedule. 

Do you need an update on a specific task or project? Don’t wait for an email response or play phone tag with your team. Log into Gryffin to see the status of every assigned task. You can quickly confirm that everything is on schedule and see what still needs to be done to complete a project.

No more missed link-building opportunities. Say goodbye to organizing cluttered inboxes and updating multiple spreadsheets.