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Expand your network.

Need a systematic way to build links? Gryffin is a powerful tool that makes link building straightforward and effortless. By allowing you to track every correspondence with bloggers and media, you can see at a glance what needs to be done to transform every interaction into links.

Amplify your content

  • SEMrush integration pulls metrics about each website you are interacting with, making sure you only build quality, authoritative links

Whether you are amplifying content, promoting a scholarship, reaching out to influencers, or performing broken link building campaigns, Gryffin will help turn connections into links.

Build your Outreach Inventory

With Gryffin, you can track the status of each and every outreach campaign to make sure no communications are forgotten.   Every email interaction can be saved and added to your inventory, so you can always reach out to media partners for your different clients or campaigns.

Action Based Workflows

Each outreach campaign can have customizable Action-Flows, which are a series of steps that need to happen to turn a connection into a verified link.

Whatever your outreach strategy is, you can set up a process in Gryffin that anyone can follow, with simple, repeatable steps.

Multiple Personas and Team Members

Connect various gmail accounts so you can check emails from different campaigns, all in one place.

Absolutely anyone can audit your outreach campaigns and see exactly where each and every conversation is at.  No more missed opportunities because of forgotten emails!  With Gryffin, you can stay on top of each and every communication and if you need more help, it’s easy to add resources and quickly get up to speed.

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