Customizable Templates for SEO Workflows

Customize Gryffin templates so that they respond to the way you work instead of the other way round! Just drag and drop fields you need to include according to the way you already work. It is that easy!

Adapt Projects To The Way You Work

All too often, you waste time trying to figure out how existing templates work and then trying to make them work for you. Stop wasting time and start getting results with the Gryffin platform, which features customizable templates and workflows.

With our templates you can:

  • Create workspaces with the fields that YOU need to track.
  • Add and remove data fields as needed.
  • Program and customize workflows based on your existing processes.
  • Save templates to be used and reused based on you flow of clients, projects, and employees.

Our project management system is designed for you, by you.

All you have to do is drag and drop data fields into our customizable templates to create unlimited projects and workflows specific to your team’s needs.

From there, delegate tasks, set deadlines, and add updates to stay on schedule.

There’s no easier way to work! Stop trying to fit into the “box” of other platforms. Instead, do your own thing and work your way with Gryffin .

Why not check it out?

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