SEO & Marketing Executive Dashboard Creation & Reporting Tool


View of all your projects in one place.

Visualize your business data in easy to-use dashboards. Task tracking, campaign expenses, team productivity, overdue projects – whatever data you need, you can track everything in your personalized dashboard.

Easy to set up

Quickly  create dashboards based on your business needs.  Select between widgets with data from your tasks, projects, expenses, time tracking, KPI’s,  or measure your own or your team’s productivity in one place.  Based on your business needs, you can create dashboards to visualize data for each team or even for your clients or specific campaigns.

Pre-Built Dashboards

As soon as you sign up for Gryffin, you’ll have a pre-built dashboard with a summary of your overdue, pending, in progress, and completed tasks.  The system will also track the reaction, cycle, and lead time of your tasks. 

Fully Customizable and Flexible

Update your dashboard widgets easily or create more dashboards with all the data you need.   Slice and dice metrics from different widgets to get the insights you need at your fingertips.

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