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Gryffin is your guide to successful online marketing—an automated DIY marketing platform with custom templates, tasks, and step-by-step guides to earn greater visibility and higher profits.

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Online Marketing Made Easy

Take control of your online presence. Gryffin breaks down the complexities of online marketing into easy, educational, and automated tasks that will guide you to success.

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No Agency? No Problem.

Not every business can afford a marketing agency right off the bat. Gryffin was designed by expert marketers and SEOs to empower businesses to market themselves effectively online—for a fraction of the cost.

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Stop wasting time on directionless DIY marketing.

You should be running your business, not trying to demystify How-To marketing guides. Gryffin comes with a massive library of pre-built templates for a variety of marketing projects. Each template automatically generates step-by-step tasks that tell you what to do, and how to do it.

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