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Keep your marketing operations running efficiently with Gryffin, the only project management tool with the flexibility and features to meet the needs of every marketing team.


Built by Marketers, for Marketers

Gryffin was designed for marketing teams of all sizes and types, including:




Run Your Entire Marketing Operation

Use Gryffin to manage every aspect of your marketing campaigns, including:

Blogger/Media Outreach

Link Building





Effortlessly Keep Track of Projects & Tasks

Marketers tend to have a lot on their plates, but Gryffin makes it easy to keep track of complex projects and tasks. 

  • Create projects and tasks and assign them to members of your marketing team.
  • Visit Gryffin’s dashboard to see all of your projects in one place.
  • See an overview of the tasks, SEO data, emails, chats, files, and expenses for a specific project in Gryffin’s Project Hub.
  • Quickly track the status of all pending tasks to ensure they will be complete by their scheduled due dates.
  • Keep your projects organized so nothing falls through the cracks.

Stop switching back and forth between spreadsheets and programs–Gryffin is the only tool you need to effortlessly manage your projects and tasks.


Communicate & Collaborate With Ease

Communication and collaboration are crucial to your marketing team’s success. Encourage communication and collaboration by using Gryffin to:

  • Leave comments, questions, requests, and feedback on specific projects or tasks.
  • Centralize all communications related to projects or tasks to ensure everyone stays on the same page.
  • Attach relevant files or emails to projects so they are accessible to everyone on your marketing team.
  • Streamline the client approval process by giving your clients access to Gryffin. They can review, leave feedback on, and approve content directly within the system.

These features allow you to easily communicate and collaborate regardless of whether your team is working on-site or remotely.


Customize Your Workspace

There is no “one-size-fits-all” workspace for marketers. Every marketing team works differently. Every client has different expectations. That’s why Gryffin allows you to customize templates for your marketing team.

  • Build custom workspaces, projects, tasks, and workflows that meet the needs of your team and your clients.
  • Choose and customize a template from our library or start fresh by building your own custom template from scratch.
  • Use the drag-and-drop feature to add and remove fields from your custom template.

Now, you can manage projects your own way.

EASY media outreach

Expand Your Network With Blogger Outreach

You don’t need to use a separate tool to manage your blogger outreach campaigns. Now, your marketing team can use Gryffin to:

  • Connect Gmail accounts to Gryffin so you can send and receive emails from different clients or personas.
  • Track the status of each and every outreach campaign to make sure no communications are forgotten. 
  • Add media and blogger contacts to your Outreach Inventory so you can reach out to them again in the future.
  • Create projects or assign tasks based on emails so you can turn every connection with a blogger or media contact into an opportunity for your client.

Thanks to Gryffin, blogger and media outreach is easier than ever before.


Build & Implement Effective Content Strategies

Plan, implement and manage an effective content marketing strategy within Gryffin. Use our tool to:

  • Create a content strategy based on industry themes, personas, keywords, and buying stages.
  • Identify keywords to incorporate into your content marketing strategy.
  • Assign & track content creation tasks to writers, editors, and other members of your team.

You can use Gryffin to manage every aspect of your content marketing strategy from concept to creation.


Measure the Results of Campaigns

After your marketing campaign goes live, Gryffin’s Site Analytics can help you monitor its performance. You can use this feature to:

  • See how various metrics, including traffic, impressions, CTR, positions, conversions, and average session duration, are trending over time.
  • View site- or page-level data pulled from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Determine the impact of algorithm updates and SEO experiments.
  • Save Google Search Console historical data beyond Google’s 16-month limit.

This tool is designed to provide you with a complete picture of your campaign’s performance so you can see what’s working and more importantly, what’s not.

track your time

Manage Time-Tracking & Invoicing

With Gryffin, you can Integrate your time-tracking and accounting system into your workspace. 

  • Allow your team to create and send invoices to you for their work.
  • Review, approve and pay invoices from your marketing team.
  • Create, send, and track the status of invoices sent to your clients.
  • Track the time your team spends on projects, tasks, campaigns, or clients. 
  • Use your time-tracking data to create billable hour reports for your clients, calculate the cost of campaigns, or measure your team’s productivity.

Whether you are working with salaried employees, freelancers, contract workers, or a mixture of all of these, Gryffin simplifies the time-tracking and invoicing processes.

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