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Manage your projects & tasks.

WIth Gryffin, you can manage every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns with one simple tool.  Customize absolutely everything to fit your needs, including templates, workflows, workspaces and dashboards.  You can finally stop trying to update hundreds of spreadsheets and piecing data together from too many tools.  Everything you need to run your campaigns is already built for you with Gryffin.

Project Hub

Overwhelmed with the amount of work your team has pending? Sick of shuffling between different software, spreadsheets and screens to piece all of your projects together? If so, let Gryffin’s project hub come to the rescue.

With Gryffin’s project hub, you can view all the details, chats, files and expenses related to a project in just one screen.

Bring everything together, increase productivity and profits, and make your work easier with Gryffin’s Project Hub

Customizable Templates

With Gryffin’s customizable template feature, you can use our drag and drop builder to:

  • Create workspaces with the fields that YOU need to track
  • Add and remove data fields as needed
  • Save templates to be used and reused based on your existing clients, projects, campaigns and team members

It takes only a moment to configure your workspace template, allowing you to adjust your workspaces to match your team’s changing demands.

Integrated Inbox

Are you sick and tired of important emails getting lost in the shuffle? Do you often wonder what team member has seen or replied to a client’s email?  There is a better way, and thanks to Gryffin, it can be yours.

Our inbox feature allows you to connect your Gmail inbox with Gryffin.  From there, create projects and tasks directly from emails, share relevant communication with team members, and keep everyone in the loop.

  • Assign emails to projects so that all communications between clients, vendors and team members is visible to all
  • Create projects and tasks from emails, making sure your email communications can be turned into action

When everyone is on the same page, work gets done faster, deadlines are met, and most importantly, clients are happy.

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