Project Management Software Built for PR Agencies

PR agencies need a project management tool that can keep up with the dynamic nature of the industry. Take your team to the next level with Gryffin, a project management tool specifically designed to meet the needs of growing PR agencies.

  1. Manage Projects Your Own Way: Every PR agency works differently. That’s why Gryffin is designed with the flexibility to adapt to your way of working. As new campaigns start and new team members are onboarded, Gryffin can be easily set up to automate many of your campaign processes.
  2. Keep Projects Moving Forward: Free up time in your team’s schedule by using Gryffin to automate your workflows. Automation will eliminate the manual, repetitive tasks involved in implementing PR campaigns, so your team can focus their time and energy on more important matters.
  3. Track Tasks, Time, & Expenses: Use Gryffin to keep track of everything from the status of your pending tasks to your team’s time and campaign costs. Then, use this information to measure your team’s productivity, send clients billable hour reports, and calculate project-related expenses.
  4. Integrate Essential Tools: Stop trying to manage dozens of different tools or spreadsheets at once. Connect all of the tools you need to perform your work to your Gryffin account. You can link Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail, Slack, and SEMRush to Gryffin to bring all of your data into one workspace.

monitor all of your tasks

Create, Assign, and Track Tasks

Gryffin is designed to help PR agencies manage all projects regardless of their complexities. Use Gryffin to create and assign the tasks that need to be completed to finish a specific project. You can choose who to assign the tasks to, when the task is due, and in what order the tasks should be completed.

Then, use Gryffin to monitor all of your tasks to ensure they are completed on-time. You won’t need to send an email or call someone on your team to get a status update. Simply log into Gryffin to quickly see the status of all pending tasks.

communicate and colaborate

Centralize Communications.

PR work involves a great deal of communication and collaboration. But it can be difficult to keep track of comments, feedback, and questions when conversations are taking place on Slack, over the phone, or in emails. Avoid this problem by keeping all project-related communications centralized within the Gryffin tool.

save time

Streamline the Client Approval Process

You shouldn’t have to send countless follow-up emails or place multiple phone calls to get your clients to approve your deliverables. Save your team the time–and the headache–of chasing down client approvals with Gryffin.

Invite your clients to create an account with Gryffin so they can review and approve your work directly within the system. You can control what your client has access to once they log into Gryffin, so you can show them as little or as much as you would like.

This saves time and makes it easier for your team to keep track of requested edits and approvals.

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