Wave Goodbye to Tedious, Time-Consuming Tasks

Automate the manual tasks in your SEO Workflow so your team can focus on the
SEO work that matters


Maximize Every Minute of Your Workday With SEO Automation

There are countless benefits to automating your SEO workflow, including:

  • Improve Productivity: You can spend less time on task management and more time on actually getting your tasks done.
  • Reduce Manual Work: Automation can eliminate many of the manual tasks that are involved in SEO projects to free up time in your workday.
  • Minimize Errors & Delays: Humans are more likely to make errors when performing repetitive, manual work. Automating these tasks can improve the quality of your work by reducing these errors.
  • Gain Increased Visibility into the Workflow: Clients and other team members can check in on every pending project without having to call or email someone for a status update.
  • Quickly Train New Team Members: An automated workflow makes it easy for new hires to understand the role they play in every project so they can quickly jump in and get to work without extensive training.

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There is no one-size-fits-all SEO workflow.

Customizable Automated Workflows.

Every team works differently and every client has different expectations. That’s why Gryffin allows you to create custom automated workflows that meet the needs of your clients and your team. 

Use Gryffin’s workflow builder to create unique automated workflows for different projects, team members, campaigns, or clients.   

Once the first task in the workflow is complete, our tool will automatically move the project forward to the next task. This will keep the project moving through all of the steps in the predefined workflow until it is complete. 

You won’t need to manually push the project forward by sending emails, transferring files, or asking for status updates. Simply mark the checkbox when your task is complete and move onto other more important SEO tasks. Gryffin’s SEO Automation tool will handle the rest.

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No Coding Skills Required.

Building a custom automated workflow might sound difficult, but it’s not. Use the drag-and-drop feature to build an automated workflow in a matter of minutes. No coding–or coding skills-required.

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Add Dynamic Due Dates.

Setting due dates is one of the hardest parts about project management. How can you make sure that everyone has enough time to complete their tasks without missing the project’s deadline? It’s simple: use Gryffin to set dynamic due dates.

Create a workflow with dynamic due dates so the deadline for each task automatically updates as the project progresses forward.

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Don’t waste another second on tedious tasks.

Focus on what matters.
Let Gryffin automate the rest.