Keep Your Clients in the Loop

Using Our Client Interface Tool for SEO Agencies

Answering countless emails, playing phone tag, and spending hours in status meetings can eat up a lot of your team’s valuable time.

The solution? Communicate with clients directly in your workspace using Gryffin’s SEO Client Interface tool.


Control What Your Client Sees

You are in control of what your client sees once they log into Gryffin. Provide each client with as little or as much access as you would like using our granular and comprehensive permissions system.  

Automate The Approval Process

Streamline the Client Approval Process

Are you tired of sending follow-up emails and missing deadlines due to late client approvals? Your team shouldn’t have to chase down clients to get them to approve your content. Thanks to Gryffin, they won’t have to. Gryffin automates and simplifies the client approval process for SEO agencies.

Here’s how it works:

  1. An email notification is sent to your client once a project is ready for their review. 
  2. Your client can log into Gryffin to review the project.
  3. If edits are needed, your client can leave notes for your team within Gryffin. If the project is approved as is, your client can mark the task complete.
  4. Gryffin will automatically route the task back to the appropriate member of your team, depending on whether it is approved or in need of edits.

Streamlining this process will allow your team to spend more time on their work and less time on getting their work approved.


Encourage Collaboration

Invite your clients to collaborate on their SEO campaigns within the Gryffin tool. Your clients can log into Gryffin to access and provide feedback on all of their pending SEO projects. Receiving this feedback is crucial to implementing a campaign that meets your client’s goals and exceeds their expectations. 

see what’s happening

Provide Transparency

Clients can log into Gryffin to see everything you’re working on for their business. This way, clients won’t have to reach out to you via phone or email to ask for an update on the status of their campaigns. Instead, they can simply check their dashboard to see what tasks are pending and when they will be complete.

easier accounts

Manage Invoicing

You can use Gryffin to create and send invoices to clients, which makes it easier to manage your accounts receivables. Your clients will receive an email notification once an invoice has been sent to them within the Gryffin tool. They will also see this outstanding invoice every time they log into Gryffin. This serves as a reminder to clients so they pay you promptly for your services. 

How to Integrate Client Communication Into Your Gryffin Workspace

Communicating with clients in your Gryffin workspace is as easy as 1-2-3:

Log into Gryffin to invite new clients into your workspace. New users will receive an email prompting them to create an account with Gryffin.

Set their role as “Client.”

Define your permissions.

That’s all it takes to start collaborating and communicating!

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