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Manage all of the different components of your SEO campaigns organized with one project management tool: Gryffin.


Manage Your SEO Campaigns From Concept to Creation With These Key Features

Editorial Calendar

Plan, produce and analyze content with Gryffin

Here’s how:

  1. Use the drag-and-drop feature to build a custom editorial calendar based on industry themes, personas, keywords, and/or buying stages.
  2. Create and assign tasks to writers, editors, and other members of your team. You can create a custom workflow for each project to meet the needs of your team and your clients.
  3. Track the status of your content creation tasks until the project is complete.
  4. Measure the success of your content creation efforts with our Google Analytics & Google Search Console API integration.

Whether you are producing content for one site or dozens of sites, implementing an effective content creation strategy has never been easier.

Keyword Management

Streamline your keyword management efforts by using Gryffin

Keeping track of countless keywords for all of your clients is challenging. Streamline your keyword management efforts by using Gryffin to:

Gryffin simplifies the process of incorporating keywords into campaigns, managing keyword lists, and evaluating the performance of targeted keywords.

Site Analytics

See what’s working–and what’s not–with Gryffin’s Site Analytics

Then, use Gryffin to make the necessary changes to your client’s websites. Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts so you can access all of your data within Gryffin.
  2. Review valuable data at a glance.
    A) See how traffic, impressions, CTR, positions, conversions, average session duration, and other metrics have changed in the last 30 days.
    B) Measure the impact of Google algorithm updates and SEO experiments on your clients’ websites.
  3. Analyze the data to identify SEO opportunities or issues. 
  4. Assign tasks to your team members to address these issues and take advantage of these opportunities. 
  5. Use Gryffin to track these tasks from start to finish.

SEO is constantly changing. Keep up with the fast-paced world of SEO by using our tool to quickly identify and act on opportunities to improve your clients’ rankings.


Effortlessly manage your link-building efforts with Gryffin.

  • Connect your Gmail account so you can conduct your outreach efforts through Gryffin.
  • Link multiple Gmail accounts so you can send and receive emails from different personas or clients.
  • Save blogger and media contact information in your Outreach Inventory so you can reach out again in the future.
  • Review SEMRush website data to confirm you only interact with contacts from high-quality, authoritative websites.
  • Turn opportunities into verified links by creating projects and tasks based off of emails.
  • Manage each of these projects and tasks to ensure they are completed on-time and accurately.
  • Easily track every correspondence with bloggers and media contacts.

Our tool provides you with a simple and straightforward way to amplify your content, promote a scholarship, reach out to influencers, or acquire new links to improve your clients’ SEO.


Find out exactly where your team’s time goes with our time-tracking feature.

  • Track your team’s time for each project, task, or client.
  • Connect time-tracking with user costs to calculate the cost of each project or task.
  • Convert your time-tracking data into timesheets.
  • Measure your team’s productivity.
  • Turn time-tracking data into billable hour reports that can be sent to clients.

All it takes to activate our hassle-free time-tracking feature is a click of a button.

Client Interface

Keep your clients in the loop about their SEO campaigns using our client interface.

Invite your clients to create an account so they can:

  • Review and approve deliverables.
  • Leave feedback on specific projects or tasks.
  • Check the status of their SEO campaigns.
  • Review invoices, billable hour reports, and more.

You can control what clients see when they log in, so you can give them as much or as little access as you want.

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