Best Time Tracking App/Software for SEO & Marketing Agencies


Hassle-free time tracking.

Wondering if your team is being productive, or wasting a lot of time? If you’ve been trying to figure out where your time is going, and how much projects or campaigns cost, Gryffin’s time tracking feature is for you.

Time Tracking

  • WIth a click of a button, you can start your timer for every task or project
  • Unlock business intelligence by connecting time tracking with user costs, so you can determine exactly how much each project costs
  • Turn your time tracking into timesheets to keep track of all of your employee’s or team members time and projects
  • Measure team members productivity over time
  • Submit detailed reports to clients based on time spent on their projects or campaigns

Use Gryffin’s time tracking feature to determine whether your projects are over or under budget.  Not only will you know where your time is going, but you can also track each team members’ performance and whether your campaigns are healthy or over budget.  Most importantly, report to managers, clients or team members where time is going and create reports on billable hours.

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