Is Free Workflow Software Worth It?

Whenever you start out running a business, costs become a key focus. If expenses aren’t kept under control, even a high turn-over business can collapse.

This is why entrepreneurs are often looking for free tools that they can use to reduce costs, such as free workflow software.

However, are these tools actually worth what they cost?

Yeah, they’re free, but does the fact that it’s free actually hinder your business? Or, maybe they are getting money from you in other ways.

We’ve all considered it before and most of us have done it, so don’t feel bad. But, if you are thinking about using, or already using free workflow software, read on …

What is workflow automation software?

If you have a business, you almost certainly have work routines. Workflows are simply the organization and mapping of such routines or processes.

Workflow automation software helps you to clearly plan our workflows, making them efficient and helping to automate some of the repeated steps, such as setting tasks or sending emails.

Depending on your business, workflows can become quite complex, such as the numerous projects and tasks managed in a digital marketing company.

By creating an automated workflow, you create a digital map of each process task and its progression to the next step. Each action triggers another action until the process is complete. Tasks can also run side-by-side to complete a workflow faster.

This allows for increased efficiency and organization, while also reducing confusion, errors, and expense through wasted time.

Free Workflow Software Must be Good, right?

Free Workflow Software Must be Good, right?

Sure, it seems like a great deal. But, often it really isn’t!

How can a free solution be bad?

Well, the issue is almost always in the small print. You see, setting up workflows and organizing your company with a new software solution requires a level of commitment.

In one sense, you could say the time you spend setting up the software is an investment in your business growth.

However, with free workflow software, there is almost always a catch. They likely provide you with a free basic plan, but then charge later.

This still seems good, as you get to start for free, but it really isn’t. Let’s take a closer look.

So, now you have spent say 100 hours on optimizing your systems, developing cool optimized workflows, and integrating it all with your business. It feels good, right?

But, your business grows, which normally isn’t bad. The problem is that now this free solution wants $30 per employee, or possibly more.

Your business has expanded, so you need licenses for more employees as well. Let’s say the figure is a low 7 employees. This now means you are paying $210 per month to use the software.

If your business grows further, you have a bigger issue!! Let’s have 40 employees. Now you have to pay them $1200 per month for what was your free service.

But, surely I can simply change the free workflow software provider, right?

Wrong! Because your business has grown, you now have a massive amount of workflows and processes in their software.

Chances are, you have also trained all of your staff and now they are familiar with that software.

This makes changing the software later a BIG PROBLEM.

What started as a great way to save money is now costing your business a fortune.

And, the only way to change is to start everything over again, recreating processes and retraining all of your staff members.

What Should Be Included In Workflow Software?

Here are some of the features you should look for in any workflow software, free or not.

Often with free workflow software, features are restricted

Often with free workflow software, features are restricted or get restricted in order to get you to pay up when you start to need more features to run your business.

  • Send emails within projects
  • Reports for projects, tasks, marketing data, etc.
  • Track time for tasks/projects.
  • Report time spent to clients.
  • Track expenses and invoices.
  • User roles with different levels of access
  • Teams to group users and roles.
  • Integrated use of apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Google Search Console, Analytics, etc
  • Integration with payment processors.
  • Automation of regular tasks
  • Easy workflow creation
  • Workflow templates to save time

While there are more, these features should be included as a minimum.

What is the Best Workflow Software?

We believe that Gryffin is the best workflow software. Not only is it loaded with features, but it also comes with fair pricing and a free trial.

Actually, we think it’s cheap for what you get. Unlike many sneaky marketing approaches to get you to sign up for free workflow software, Gryffin offers prices that are low from the start.

You can, of course, try it for free and test the software fully before you sign up.

Then, from the beginning, you see exactly how much it will cost you as you expand with no hidden fees or catches.

Gryffin pricing starts at less than $3 per user!

Feel free to compare, but you’ll struggle to find the same features for that price.

Simple honest business because its a project management system that works and doesn’t need tricks to seduce you in. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.