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Learn how to set up your company and use Gryffin to organize your team.

How Gryffin Works

Gryffin is built in a hierarchy—workspaces, projects and tasks —to make it easy to track your work and to stay organized.

  • Workspaces

A workspace groups together projects that follow a similar template. Think of it like a spreadsheet, where you can create and track an unlimited number of projects. Your workspace gives you an overview of all of the projects that you have in the pipeline, at a glance.

  • Projects

Projects are where the magic happens. In your project hub, you can see all of the details of a project, such as due date, assigned to, project notes, and any other project details. You can also attach tasks, files, emails, chat with your team, track expenses, and so much more.

  • Tasks

Tasks can be connected to projects, or can exist as standalone tasks that can be found in your task dashboard. Tasks are what keep projects moving forward. You can streamline repetitive tasks by creating workflows.

  • Workflows

Workflows are a series of tasks that belong to a sequence. Tasks will automatically be assigned as you move from one stage to the next. You can create multiple workflows for different projects, team members, campaigns, clients, etc.

Once you understand workspaces, projects, tasks and workflows, you are ready to soar with Gryffin!

At any time, you can track and organize your task list, audit your team members tasks or projects, and create reports to make sure no deadline is missed, and your team’s projects are always under budget and on schedule.

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