Admin: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to set up your company and use Gryffin to organize your team.

Invite Team Members

Are you part of a team, or are you a solopreneur using freelancers to help you complete your projects?

Bring them all onboard!

To invite new team members, click on Admin > Invite from the left menu.

Here, you can invite users and set their role:

  • Types of Roles:

There are four types of user Roles:

  • Admins have access to everything. They can see and edit all projects, tasks, company settings. They can customize Workspace Permissions to control what the other roles see.
  • Managers can access all projects and tasks, and most company settings.
  • Users can only access projects and tasks that have been assigned to them. If they are not assigned to any project within a Workspace, it will not appear in their left menu.
  • Clients can only see projects and tasks that have been assigned to them. When you add a new client users, you will be given the option to attach them to a specific client within the company, in which case they will also be able to see any project that has their client name added in the Client field.

  • Sending an Invitation

When you send an invitation, the user will receive an email with a link to accept the invitation:

They’ll be prompted to create their account. They’ll automatically be added to your company.

  • Active Users

As soon as your team joins Gryffin, you can see them under the Users tab.

Here you can…

  • See their name and email
  • Change their role
  • Access their user profile
  • Delete the user from Gryffin

No one likes to work alone. Easily invite other team members to Gryffin to watch the magic of perfect organization.

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