Users: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to manage your tasks, projects, and inbox with Gryffin.

Tracking your Tasks

Tracking your Tasks from Gryffin Media on Vimeo.

Some projects are simple and only require a few tasks to be completed, while more complex projects may require many team members and dozens of tasks to be completed.

Every project can have its own series of tasks, and you can have multiple projects and tasks assigned to you at any given time.

How do you keep track of it all?

Your Task Dashboard is the lifeline of your daily workflow.

All of your tasks, regardless of what project they belong to, or whether they are due tomorrow or in a month or a year, can be found here.

From your task dashboard, you can assign or change due dates, change the priority of a task, or click on the associated projects to understand the context of that task.

Click on the  to see more details for a specific task.

You’ll see the quick panel pop up on the right of your screen with more details about each task.

You can also click on the link under “Projects” to see more details about the projects associated with that task.

If there is no link under the “Project” column, it means the task is a floating task, and does not belong to any project.

Keep up with your Task Dashboard and you’ll stay organized like never before!

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