Users: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to manage your tasks, projects, and inbox with Gryffin.


Gryffin is an all-in-one platform where you can manage your tasks, files and projects. And the best part? It’s never been easier!

When you join a Gryffin company, you’ll be assigned a role (manager, user, or client). This role will determine what you are able to see and do within your Gryffin company.

From your task dashboard, you’ll know everything you need to do, and by when. If you can’t meet a deadline, simply change the due date, and/or leave a notification to the person who assigned the task. Organize your tasks by due and/or priority and keep your workflow streamlined with Gryffin’s quick and easy drag and drop functionality.

If your tasks are attached to a project, you can view the project details, upload files, or leave a comment.

No more chasing emails, tasks, or files. Everything you need to keep your work organized can be found within your Gryffin company.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to dive in!

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