Users: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to manage your tasks, projects, and inbox with Gryffin.

Your Project Hub

A project is a group of tasks, files, chats, and emails. It can be a campaign launch, or a content piece, or a video, or an infographic…or, it can be anything you want it to be!

Here’s an example of a project in the workspace “Blog Content”:

You’ll see the following tabs belonging to the project hub:

  • Details: Project title, person that it’s assigned to, project due date, publish date, editor, client, etc.
  • Tasks: Pending and completed tasks needed to finalize a project.
  • Files: Images, pdfs, or videos that are relevant to that particular project
  • Inbox: Emails sent between team members, and the client, about this specific project
  • Associations: Other projects within Gryffin that are related to your existing project
  • Status: What is the current status of this project? If you click on the drop down, you’ll see all of the statuses needed to complete a project
  • Chat: You can create threaded chats about a specific project, and leave @ mentions with team members, which will result in notifications
  • Calendar: Here you can see a list of the tasks belonging to this project, as well as milestones.
  • Feed: History of actions taken as part of this project
  • Milestones: A list of the milestones to complete a project, with their respective due dates.

From your project hub, you can see everything related to a project so everything is easy to find and most importantly, to track and stay within your deadlines.

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