Users: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to manage your tasks, projects, and inbox with Gryffin.

Using Workspaces

A workspace groups together projects that follow a similar template. Think of it like a spreadsheet, where you can create and track an unlimited number of projects. Your workspace gives you an overview of all of the projects that you have in the pipeline, at a glance.

All projects belonging to a workspace will have the same fields, so you can easily track the status of all of your projects from your workspace table.

You can work with your workspace table the same way you work with spreadsheets. Sort, filter and scroll to find an overview of all of your projects. And if you need more information about a specific project, simply click through to the project hub to see all of the tasks, files, chats that are connected to that particular project.

It’s like a table on 4D, giving you both the macro and micro view with a couple of simple clicks.

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