Users: Getting Started Guide

Learn how to manage your tasks, projects, and inbox with Gryffin.

Daily Workflow

If you’re new to Gryffin, here’s how you can build a daily routine to stay on top of your work.

  • Start with your Emails

You’ll receive task and @ mention notifications in your inbox.

You can start your day by checking these in your email, and following through to the task or project details to learn more about new assignments or feedback from existing assignments.

Now that you have checked any new tasks or notifications that came in, it’s time to organize your day.

Go to your Task Dashboard, and start by reviewing tasks that are overdue.

  1. Are you waiting for someone or something to complete a task? Leave them a comment!
  2. If you can’t get to your overdue task, change the due date to a more realistic time frame
  3. Review your due dates and change them if you need to

Keep your Task Dashboard updated so you are always on top of your work.

Now that you know what needs to be done, and made certain that any urgent or overdue tasks are taken care of, it’s time to get to work.

If you have a floating task, click on  the so you can see the task details.

If there is a project connected to the task, click through to get an overview of the project to see any relevant notes, files or information so you can get your work done.

  • Take Control of Tomorrow

By following these simple steps, you can stay on top of your work. Making sure you check your task dashboard daily will guarantee you are not late on tasks or projects and that you are always in control of your work.