FAQ Fridays: Email Based Project Management

If you are working with multiple people on a project, you need to know what emails have been sent, when, and by whom. There’s nothing worse than leaving emails unanswered or conversations dropped when they need to go on.

When we designed Gryffin, attaching emails to projects was a no brainer. Attaching emails to projects makes remote collaboration effortless. You can see the entire conversation in one space, without worrying over lost threads spread across multiple users’ inboxes.

This week, we improved our email based project management feature by enhancing the interface of our the inbox integration inside of projects. Click on the Messages widget of any project and you’ll find a clean, easy to read list of all emails attached to the project.

email based project management

And, with our new inline editor, you can now also compose messages and send them directly from your project. Writing and replying to messages, regardless of who’s involved in the project, is easier than ever:

email based project management

Use Case: Blogger Outreach

We developed this functionality when working on blogger, media, and influencer outreach.  As we worked with multiple writers, editors, and outreach specialists, we needed to make sure we could all follow the thread of a project, from start to end, regardless of having multiple touchpoints.

Attaching emails to projects made it easy for anyone to pick up the thread of a project, see all emails that had been sent or replied to, and make sure no conversation was ever left behind.  Whether the conversation required us to negotiate and agreement, send a content piece, or simply thank them for a successful collaboration, anyone from our company, from any location, was able to participate.

This increased our success exponentially in completing blogger outreach communications and resulted in a much greater number of completed placements.

Seamless Collaboration with Shared Inboxes

Why work on a project without seeing the full picture?  Why send out needless emails to your teammates, “Did you email Jane back?” “Did Tom reply to our query?” etc when you can see EVERY email communication, to both teammates, clients, vendors, and more in just one place?

Attach emails to a project from your Gmail account using our extension, or directly from our Gryffin inbox, and never chase an email again.