Introducing the New Gryffin Admin

If you’ve worked on Gryffin today, you might have noticed some changes.

Since launching in Beta, we’ve been listening to our user’s feedback and working hard to make onboarding and managing a company a seamless experience.

This morning, those changes went live. We’re excited to share a Gryffin that is more streamlined, simple, and admin-friendly.

Here’s what you can look forward:

Goodbye Modules, Hello Groups

If you’re missing “Modules” in your Admin menu, don’t worry! It’s still there, but now called Workspaces.

New Gryffin Admin
Open Workspaces and you will see a list of all your Workspace Groups (formerly Modules). Rather than having to click through to access your Workspaces, you can now simply expand the Group drop-downs to see and edit your Workspaces:

New Gryffin Admin

This change comes with a handy new feature: If you have a single workspace that doesn’t need to be grouped, it can be pinned directly to your left menu!

To rearrange the Groups and Workspaces in the left menu, you can still drag and drop. To edit a Workspace, click the configure button.

A Cleaner Configuration

We’ve streamlined configuration a lot. It’s pretty great.

The path to editing a Workspace is the same:

    • In the left menu, go to Admin > Workspace > Click the Configure button.
  • In your workspace, open the   Menu button > Select Configure the workspace.

But notice a difference?

New Gryffin Admin

When you configure your workspace, you’ll now be able to edit your settings, template, workflows, and any other features all in one place! Each setting can be found under its own tab:

New Gryffin Admin

Missing tabs? Don’t worry – they just need to be enabled in our Marketplace.  

Add-ons Now in the Marketplace

In cleaning things up, we’ve created the Gryffin Marketplace. Features like Automated Workflows, Advanced Permissions, and Billing can now be installed or uninstalled here.

The good news?
If you were using these features already, all of your data is still there. You just need to install the Add-ons using the new system.

The great news?
You can easily add new features, or remove features you’re not using so Admin-ing is easier than ever!

Check out this one-minute video to learn how to easily install add-ons:

Feature Update: Workflows

Workflows may have a brand new look, but they’re the same at heart.

To manage your workflows, go to your Workspace Configuration page and click on the Workflows tab. You’ll see a list of your Workflows, just as before:  

New Gryffin Admin

Now when you create or edit a workflow, instead of displaying all the status and task fields, you’ll see a simplified list showing only the most important information:

New Gryffin Admin
The name of your Status is on the left, with the Tasks listed on the right.

Open the drop-down to select what Status is next:

New Gryffin Admin

To create a new task, click the  button. This will open a panel where you can add the Task information. To edit an existing task, click on the task name button to re-open the panel:

New Gryffin Admin

It’s easy!

This is the last admin update you’ll see for awhile. Right now our programming and productivity wizards are brewing up some fantastic new features that we’re eager to share with you!

  • Loving the changes? Use our live chat to drop us a line and tell us how much you love it. You’ll make us feel warm and fuzzy.
  • Finding bugs? Submit a support ticket.
  • Not using Gryffin but like what you see? You can join Gryffin today for free!