How can Marketing Automation for Small Business Help?

In the field of digital marketing, there is always more you need to do. It is a never-ending flow of tasks in all directions.

From on-page SEO, to content strategies, to content creation and amplification, you could literally work 24 hours a day, every day, and never finish.  All of the above needs to be happening ongoing and simultaneously. Which is confusing enough.

Most ‘non-techy’ people can’t comprehend the complexities of creating just a simple blog post. It is not a matter of just writing and posting, but having multiple stages of research, development, and promotion.

With all this in mind, how can you possibly keep track of it all?

Fortunately, there are marketing automation systems that can help to track project progress and automate tasks tracking and reporting. Without this, you can get lost in a mass of sticky notes, documents, and calendar tasks.

Marketing automation can change your business for the better.

How can Marketing Automation Systems Help?

How Can a Project Management System Help to Automate Marketing?

In any marketing strategy, there are numerous processes that need repeating. There are no forms of marketing that are completely set and forgotten.

Because of this, well-designed project management software like Gryffin can help to tackle and automate repetitive ongoing tasks.

This takes a lot of pressure off of staff members and helps to streamline processes.

How can Marketing Automation Systems Help?

What is Marketing Automation Primarily Used For?

Marketing automation is normally performed by a form of software, whether in the cloud or on a device.

The software is designed to automate all of the boring and repetitive tasks required in various forms of marketing. These can range from assigning tasks to sending emails or creating reports.

It saves a lot of man-hours and ensures that tasks are not forgotten.

The process of setting out workflows also normally leads to optimization and parallel task development, further increasing efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

Why would you want to include marketing automation in your business?

Automation has many benefits, more than what is often considered when initially considering this option.

Here are just a few of the benefits your company can get by automating and tracking your marketing efforts:

  1. Reduced costs – you get more productivity for fewer man-hours.
  2. Increased efficiency – processes are easily optimized, which in turn can lead to more profits and happier clients.
  3. Creativity is boosted – as repetition is removed, staff can focus on interesting and creative ways to promote, instead of on mind-numbingly repetitive tasks.
  4. Experiments – the Gryffin experiment feature allows you to test how effective content is, with automated creation and tracking.
  5. Automated reports – getting real-time data on how websites and pages are performing can help to dramatically hone your marketing campaigns.
  6. Templates – providing fast ways to create elements of a campaign. Custom templates allow you to duplicate processes across projects in a fast and effective way.
  7. Schedule and automate future work – an entire project for a year or as long as you need can be scheduled in advance, with full monitoring and updates.
  8. Data-driven marketing – integrated reports show clearly what is working and what isn’t.
  9. Revamping content – as marketing becomes data-driven, content can be revamped to improve conversion and attract more visitors.
  10. Accountability is improved – tasks are set automatically and displayed in the dashboard of each staff member, so there are no excuses for not delivering or at the very least not discussing something that a staff member can’t complete in time.
  11. Client onboarding is streamlined – just as marketing processes become automated, so can client onboarding.
  12. Client retention is increased – as they can be given some access to what is happening and see live reports. This also increases customer retention.
  13. Client value is increased – with automated upsells and promotions launched by trigger activities or times.

Simply put, why wouldn’t you want to automate your marketing?

Marketing automation systems style=”font-weight: 400;”> are about simplifying workloads, increasing profits, and optimizing processes. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, try the Gryffin free trial to see what’s possible.