How to Use Gryffin as a Marketing Project Management Systems

For marketing teams working from home, keeping track of all deadlines, projects and individual assignments for employees can become monotonous, especially if your agency is not using a comprehensive marketing project management systems.

Gryffin incorporates numerous tools and capabilities to ensure that agencies know the status of every outstanding project for each client. The details are important, but those pieces of information shouldn’t be difficult to decipher.

Here’s how Gryffin works:

The Dashboard: A Glimpse at Activities

How to Use Gryffin as a Marketing Project Management Systems

When a user logs into Gryffin, the first screen they see is the Dashboard. This page serves as a project list for every user/employee. 

Each user can see every outstanding project that has been assigned. This can include tasks for submitting an invoice, writing content, designing an infographic or even editing a completed task or assignment.

The dashboard can be considered a to-do list and helps everyone understand what needs to be done. When a task is completed, the user will click a box that marks the project as completed. Only when a task or project has been ‘check marked’ will the assignments disappear from the dashboard.

Click the Task and View Task Pages

How to Use Gryffin as a Marketing Project Management Systems

When employees need to open a task to begin an assignment, they simply need to click on the link on the dashboard. This will take them to the project page.

From here, users can see all the info related to a task. This could include a document page to create blog content or other marketing materials. The task also may have other info attached. Users can share (and attach) emails, documents, videos and pictures that are related to a specific project, task or assignment.

Maybe a client emailed precise directives for a blog article. Managers can attach the email to the assignment for the article, and the user can access all the information.

How to Use Gryffin as a Marketing Project Management Systems

Task pages or workspaces also include a chat and messaging space on the right side of the workspace. Here, users can send messages to co-workers or others about the project. This feature is ideal for remote teams who need to communicate and collaborate on a task but might be located in different cities, states or countries.

Are Assignments on the Dashboard Gone for Good?

Since the dashboard is a bit of a ‘to-do’ list, completed items will be bumped from the dashboard. However, users can access assignments or projects after completion. These tasks can be found in the tools sections correlating with their task (content, infographic, etc.).

To the left side of the Gryffin dashboard is a list of other workspaces, and these may include email, editorial calendars, content, reports, etc. The tools available to each user may vary, as managers decide who can view which tools.  

Admin Tools

Managers may have access to specific tools that employees are unable to view. These ‘admin tools’ may include reports, invoices and orders details.

However, managers may allow users to have some access to these tools. For example, access privileges may be granted so that freelancers and employees can submit invoices using the invoice tool. If the company wishes to utilize these capabilities of this tool, they may need to extend permissions to team members.

Here’s what to know about admin tools:

The Invoice Tool

The invoice tool allows for users to submit their invoices through the system. Managers can include invoicing as a part of the workflow of each assignment. This means that as task stages are completed, they automatically move on to a different phase…including the need for invoices.

When a task is complete, it disappears from the user’s dashboard and is then assigned to the next person on the team for the next task phase. This could be editing, sending the project for client approval, and finally prompting the employee or freelancer to invoice for the project.

What’s unique about the invoice tool is that it compiles the invoices from every task and creates one master invoice for each user. So if a writer invoiced 10 articles, all those articles will be included on one master invoice. This saves time for managers and freelancers/employees.

The Report Tool

This is the place for all client reports. Any reports can be saved in this section.  The Report tool is an easy resource for filing all reports associated with the client.

The Orders Tool

Only managers or admins can utilize the “orders” tool. This is the place where assignments are created. Orders can be placed for any task or assignment related to a client’s marketing campaign. Blog content, infographics, videos, video scripts, press releases all can be ordered as tasks and assigned to users through Gryffin.

If your marketing firm or team is having difficulty managing tasks while everyone is working remotely, or if managers or owners can’t figure out what tasks are completed and what is outstanding, it might be time to investigate marketing project management software to help keep everything running smoothly. Curious if Gryffin is right for your team? Try it for free for seven days!