How Much Content Should I Create for a Content Marketing Initiative?

Creating content has its challenges. Knowing how much content to create, where to share it, and how to organize it, is daunting. However, with a few content marketing tips, you can create fresh, authoritative content for your site, blog, and social network.

There’s an audience online for nearly every piece of content, but there’s also a competing brand or business looking to net their share of that audience. This makes content marketing vital to your overall digital marketing strategy. In fact, content marketing can help drive 7.8 times more traffic to your website.

Further, content marketing can help your business because…

  • Content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional outbound efforts
  • Content drives six times more conversions
  • 88 percent of B2B marketers utilize content marketing in their overall marketing strategies
  • Quality content increases time on-page and reduces bounce rate

From word count to consistency, here’s how much content your brand should create, and where that content is most important.

Be Consistent with Your Content

You want to frame your site, blog, or social media platform as a place for your audience to get consistent information. People like routine, and giving them consistent content helps keep your brand fresh in their mind.

Creating consistent content is also vital for your ranking. Google and most other search engines value sites that publish content more often than those that post infrequently.

what content should i create

Though this doesn’t mean that posting daily content is always a good thing. Posting low-quality content for the sake of posting can also damage your ranking and page views. Ensure all your posts are highly authoritative and address a pressing question that your followers need answered.

Longer Content Ranks and Converts

If you want to stretch out your post’s longevity and rank higher, creating longer content can help. Best practices emphasize 2000+ words of high quality, actionable content for better rankings and engagement. These longer pieces also serve as a pitch to how authoritative you are in your niche.

A long definitive guide, an in-depth how-to, or a lengthy white paper in exchange for newsletter subscribers can do wonders for your analytics and Google ranking. In fact, Google really loves long content!

Industry research found that content ranging between 2,000 and 5,000 words ranks higher on SERPs. And longer worded content also means you’ll cover more keywords.

If you want to rank above your competitors and gain a faithful audience excited to read your next post, longer content is absolutely vital.

Here’s why long content wins . . .

  • The average blog post is 500 words or less. Posting 1,500 plus words allows your content to stand out.
  • Longer articles tend to be more sustainable on Google, and this means the posts generate more leads for longer.
  • Boost your Domain Authority (DA) by earning more organic backlinks with longer content.

what content should i create

Social Media Content

Being consistent is important on-page, and also in social media. However, it’s essential to know which social platforms you should post on, and how often. But exactly how much content should you create for your social media strategy?

There is no rule of thumb, but here are a few helpful tips . . .

  • Facebook: One post a day
  • Twitter: 15 tweets per day
  • Pinterest: 11 pins daily
  • LinkedIn: One quality post
  • Google+: Two posts per day
  • Instagram: One to two posts daily

Content marketing is essential to the growth and success of any company or brand. A well-rounded content strategy ensures your digital marketing is on the right track. Keep your content flowing, and watch your brand grow.