OOF: Why my Online Marketing Automation Software is Taking Over

As the owner of a small marketing agency, taking a vacation probably isn’t much of a vacation. Instead of sitting on the beach lounging without a care and reading a breezy novel, you’re sitting at a table near the beach with your laptop open reading emails, looking at your to-do lists and checking in with team members. For the agency, your job is to be all the online marketing automation software rolled into one.

You have become—by default—the one who manages all the processes. You dot the “I”s you cross the “T”s. You keep it all together so nothing falls apart.

And it’s exhausting, right?

Work hasn’t stopped; you’re not even really on a vacation. You’ve just taken your office somewhere warmer. You’re still micromanaging all those tasks between sips of pina coladas or virgin smoothies…a frothy break from your typical office mug of coffee.

The dream trip shouldn’t be a work trip. Yet, unfortunately, most professionals (70 percent, to be exact!) will check in with their work during vacation. Owners of small agencies may feel the extra pressure to keep it all together even when they’re supposed to just be relaxing somewhere amazing. To further shatter the rosy illusion of vacation bliss, a 2017 survey by Glassdoor revealed that less than a quarter of workers used all their vacation days. Were any of your employees among those lucky few? So why not you, too?

Stop ruining your vacation. You don’t have to check every email, open up all those files and folders and call up your managers while you’re sitting on the beach. Checking in should be easier. You should still have time to ‘vacation.’

OOF: Why my Online Marketing Automation Software is Taking Over

Set Up Your Out Of Office Reply Now!

You didn’t set up an automated response letting everyone know you’re out of the office. Why would you? The office is just mobile and located somewhere out in the South Pacific now.

Set up your reply…pronto. You need to make the process easier, and you will make this process easier. You need a vacation. And you’re going to get one…finally. At last.

You need a system that will replace you being the system. Your answer is simple: a software platform designed with comprehensive marketing automation systems.

Gryffin has you covered with features that will allow you to easily check in on all the office issues. Not in micromanaging, you have to look at five different programs. No. Gryffin lets you see it all at once. You can click through assignments, open up your calendar to check a deadline status and make sure no one is trying to contact you.

Here are the automated features that will save your vacation and streamline your workload:

Scalable Workspaces

Workspaces are scalable. Design them to make each space work for your needs and for the demands of your clients. When you’re out of the office, you can click into your workspaces and see the details of every task and project.

Easy @ Mentions or Virtual Shout Outs

Email as a means of back and forth communication is the way of the past. You need communication that is instant. With Gryffin, your team can simply @ you Twitter style so you never miss a message. Gryffin will send you a notification that someone has messaged you, so there is no way you’ll miss any communication.

Gryffin Syncs to Your Email

Yet, sometimes email is simply the best form of communication for specific issues. Emailing the client looks more professional than sending a virtual message. And, for many professionals, email is the old fall back. Gryffin lets you sync your email account to the system, and this is convenient because you can attach important emails to individual tasks. For example, if the client sent an email with all the updates for a press release, just attach it into the press release assignment (or task). You don’t have to send a long email to a writer or even make a phone call.

OOF: Why my Online Marketing Automation Software is Taking Over

Seamless Invoicing

Freelancers or employees needing prompt payment can send invoices through the system. When you’re out of the office, you can easily process their invoices without delay. You won’t have to email them asking for a monthly summary. The process is automated…and super easy.

Monthly Calendars to Keep it all Organized

Wait! When was that article due to be published? If you’re unsure about a deadline or the status of an assignment, check your calendar. Gryffin makes it easy to see when an assignment is overdue or completed. Yellow indicates the due date is NOW and red indicates an assignment or task is late.

So does this automated system seem a bit less stressful than your current option? You know…you are doing everything all the time? Good. Now let’s automate your agency!

Time off is necessary to decompress. While you may think that as the owner you need to be available 24/7 even during vacation, you need some downtime. You also need marketing automation systems that simplify your workload and make quick check-ins actually quick. It’s time to stop stressing and start living! Ready to try Gryffin? Sign up for a free trial today!