Online Marketing Template Library from Gryffin

When you sign up for Gryffin, you get access to a library of ready-to-go templates for a variety of projects. Each template comes with…

  • A Workspace where you can create and track unlimited projects, and easily scale your operations
  • A Workflow of automated tasks that are generated for each stage of your project. 

This hasn’t changed, but we’re excited to announce our Template Library has gotten a facelift, introducing a new focus and new features that make our templates even more functional.

online marketing templates

Online Marketing Templates

Gryffin can be customized to track any type of project, from accounting to manufacturing, but many of Gryffin’s features were originally designed with Digital Marketing and SEO/SEM in mind.

We’ve fine-tuned our templates to reflect those purpose-built features with new templates tailored specifically for online marketing efforts.

Every marketing template in Gryffin is built around proven practices from industry-leading experts to help marketers and agencies optimize their processes and improve their productivity and profits. 

In addition to templates for the experts, we’ve also introduced “beginner” online marketing templates for small business owners who are engaging in DIY online marketing and need a little extra guidance.

We’ve achieved this through some cool feature updates to our workflows and automated tasks! 

Automated Tasks: Notes and Subtasks

Workflows are a series of preset automated tasks. Before, you could preset the…

  • Title
  • Dynamic Due Date
  • Dynamic Assigned User
  • Assignee

Now, however, automated tasks also come with notes and subtasks!

Many of our online marketing templates now have Automated Tasks that include Instructions, How-tos, and Detailed Subtasks to help guide you through your Workflow.

You can edit or add notes and subtasks to Workflows after you install them from the Template Library, or to your own custom Workflows.

online marketing templates

This is a fantastic feature for many reasons:

  • As you update and optimize your processes, you can add notes for yourself or your team members. 
  • Add sub-tasks to make sure no detail is forgotten. 
  • This also makes onboarding new team members easy. You can include your training documentation and guidelines right into your workflows, so your new employee or freelancer can hit the ground running!

Automated Tasks: Two Ways to Work

At Gryffin, we’re firm believers in the fact that people work in different ways—and we want to empower you to work the way you know is best for you, not the way we think is best.

That’s why each template in Gryffin’s Template Library now comes with 2 types of automated tasks: 


By default, tasks will be automated as a Workflow.

We’ve defined each stage of the project and the associated tasks with the stage. When you create a project, you will get the task(s) for the first stage. Once those initial tasks are marked done, the project will move onto the next stage and you will get the next task(s):

online marketing templates

We love Workflows because…

  • Your Task Dashboard is not overloaded with future tasks.   
  • From your Project Hub, you can quickly get a sense of what work is currently pending.  
  • From your Workspace, you can see the Stage of multiple projects at once.

“All Tasks”

After listening to your feedback, we found that some users prefer to keep an eye on the full scope of work—including all tasks—required for the project. All Tasks functions as a checklist.

When selected, it automatically creates every task for that project:

online marketing templates

As mentioned earlier, Workflow is the default automation. You can change it to All Tasks when you first create your project or set it as the default by going to your Workspace and selecting Configure Workspace > Workflow. Click the star next to the Workflow you want to be set as default. 

online marketing templates

Workflow and All Tasks provide you with two ready-to-go methods of organizing your work. But the possibilities don’t stop there!

Customizing Your Online Marketing Template

With Gryffin, we’ve made it easy to customize every template to work the way you want. No need for programmers or developers, you can do it yourself in just a few minutes!

Under Configure Workspace you can edit both your Template and your Workflows. You can add and re-order fields, and create unlimited Workflows for different clients, campaigns, etc.

If you already have a pre-existing Workflow you’d like to turn into a Task List, simply flatten it:

online marketing templates

This button will make a copy of your Workflow with all tasks condensed into a single stage. (*Keep in mind any dynamic dates might have to be reviewed and altered.)

To learn more about customizing your Template, check out our Getting Started Guide here.