Gryffin: The Better Alternative to Podio for Project Management

Podio is known for being a web-based platform that allows businesses and organizations to sync up their projects and that provides a space for team communication. However, when compared to Gryffin, which is a project management platform specifically designed for and by marketers, it has many weaknesses. For this reason, true professionals who want a polished, user-friendly platform should choose Gryffin every time.

A Dashboard to Die For

Better Alternative to Podio for Project Management

When you try Gryffin, the first thing you’ll likely notice is a comprehensive, customizable dashboard feature which allows you to view anything and everything about your business all in one convenient place.

From task tracking to productivity reports, anything you could ever want or need to know is right at your fingertips. What’s more is that this data is gathered from within Gryffin, while you work, so you never have to do any extra work to get the information you need to succeed.

And, exclusive to marketers, there’s even a special executive dashboard that you can customize according to your unique business needs. Using pre-filled widgets, you can easily track expenses, time, productivity, and so much more. 

Workflow Automation

Better Alternative to Podio for Project Management

Podio is focused mainly on helping users to manage and organize their projects, but Gryffin is focused on helping you get projects done in the most easy, effective, and efficient ways possible.

While Podio and other similar platforms force you to work the way they want, Gryffin allows you to work your way. You can customize the workflows within Gryffin to match your team’s current workflows or to create and customize entirely new ways of working that weren’t possible before. And, if you think that sounds complicated, think again! Gryffin offers drag and drop workflow  builders to make it easier than ever to work the way you want, even if you’re not a programmer or don’t have a “high-tech” team. 

Plus, since many marketing projects are complex, Gryffin has workflows that are entirely adaptable at any stage of the process. A task is never created until its previous stages have been completed, and tasks and workflows can be changed at any time by making simple changes in Gryffin’s dynamic fields.

Even better yet, when Gryffin users find a workflow that works for them, they can easily save and reuse it as many times as they want. Reuse a workflow exactly as you designed it, or change it up slightly based on clients, projects, employees, and more. No matter how you want to work or how your working methods change, Gryffin always has you covered. Unlike Podio, it’s never stale or stagnant. Instead, it’s always malleable, adaptable, and willing to grow and work with and for your business.

A Calendar That Keeps You On Track

Better Alternative to Podio for Project Management

Another feature that makes Gryffin stand out among the competition is its calendar.

Use this feature to add tasks and even subtasks, as well as due dates and more. Include detailed information about how each task and subtask needs to progress, and create a clear, easy-to-understand order that ensures everything gets done correctly, on time, and with everyone on the same page.

View due dates at a glance, create specific milestones, and always stay informed about a project’s progress from beginning to end. With so many features available, you’ll never worry about missing deadlines or having a project completed out of order ever again. This means no re-tracing your steps, having to redo work, or making clients dissatisfied.

Reliable Reporting

Better Alternative to Podio for Project Management

Most project management platforms are designed to help you work, but they don’t provide you with information about how your work is working.

With Gryffin, you don’t just get work done. You see its effects. The Gryffin report builder, for example, allows you to view all kinds of different data with just a few clicks. 

See how much time was spent on a project or by a particular employee, view the breakdowns of what a project costs, and more.

The system automatically tracks all the data you could ever need, including data you didn’t know you needed. All you have to do is create a report with the custom fields of your choice to gain insight into your operations and their effectiveness. Save and send reports as desired, and use the knowledge you gain to empower and improve your business and its day-to-day operations.

Outreach and Links Management

Better Alternative to Podio for Project Management

Speaking of seeing the fruits of your labor, Gryffin offers an outreach and links management feature that allows you to track your outreach and link building projects

Every contact you communicate gets saved in the system, and you can track using “Actions” and “Tasks” so you never forget to respond to a potential link partner or blogger.

You can build an inventory so that you already have contacts ready for new campaigns.  Whether you are using sponsored posts or doing content amplification, you can adapt your templates, workflows, and reports to keep your outreach projects on track.

Customizable Templates

Better Alternative to Podio for Project Management

While Gryffin stands out by allowing you to customize your workflows, the information you track, and how you view that information, it also has one other amazing feature: you can customize your exact workspace and how you view it!

Create unlimited workspaces on your own, or choose from our vast and fully customizable template library. While other platforms force you to work around one basic design, we’re all about allowing you to design your own workspace fields and then sort, filter, and edit how you see them, all of which can be done in a few convenient clicks. 

Create recurring, reusable templates, add in custom workflows per project or workspace, and control how you see the information, permissions, and more.

The Bottom Line

With Podio and other platforms, you have some control over how you work. With Gryffin, on the other hand, you have complete and total control. Plus, as you work, the system will constantly be working as well! It will collect the information you tell it to, then feed it back to you in an easy-to-understand way that will help your business to grow and thrive.

Other platforms just don’t go that far, but Gryffin does. It’s not just committed to helping people work, but to making their work work for them. Try it today, and you’ll quickly see how others pale in comparison.