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Overwhelmed with the amount of work your team has pending? Sick of shuffling between screens and software, trying to piece all the details together using various tools and platforms? If so, let Gryffin’s project hub come to the rescue.

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With Gryffin’s project hub, you can view all the details, chats, files, and expenses related to a project at a glance. You can also create and monitor deadlines and track progress, as well as track expenses. You can even connect your inbox to create projects and see every single email that’s been sent and received about a project. That means no more asking or wondering, “Did you see that email?” or “Are we on the same page?” Everyone will be aligned and in the loop thanks to our email integration feature.

And speaking of features, we’ve got lots of great ones!

See ALL of the data specific to a project in your Project Hub:

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Bring everything together, increase profits and productivity, and make your life and your work easier than ever with our Project Hub.

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